About thenomadicrunner

Vanessa is an Australian who is often found playing in mud every other weekend. After being asked one too many times when she would 'settle down' she decided to leave the corporate world behind and spend all her time travelling the world to do obstacle races.

First Ever RYNGE Endurance Event Recap

By |October 20th, 2016|

Earlier this year I received an invitation from Don Devaney to participate in a beta test of his new endurance event, the RYNGE. I was promised an event that would challenge physical fitness, problem-solving skills, mental grit and teamwork. The event was described to me as a cross between live action role playing and an endurance race, with the participants writing their own story during the event.

Vanessa Letts: Obstacle Racing “Adult Gap Year”

By |June 23rd, 2016|

My love for obstacle racing started in 2012 after doing an 8k mud run with friends in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. I loved the mud and the atmosphere at the event, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing each obstacle was what left me wanting more. Obstacle racing helped me combat the stresses of my office job as it gave me an outlet to release my frustrations.

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