Although our additional discount promo has ended, select men's & women's Icebug Zeal, Acceleritas5, DTS3, and their award-winning gaiter are still available at the Icebug USA Outlet.

Mud Run Guide's Icebug Reviews

2017 Icebug Acceleritas5 First Test – Acceleritas3 were my first introduction to Icebug trail shoes, and the fit, ground feel, traction, and durability quickly (almost instantly) made them one of my all-time favorite shoes. That first pair was worn for over a year of abuse on the sharp, rocky trails around my home in Northern Phoenix, AZ and held up exceptionally well. Due to their extreme flexibility and the RB9X sole’s pliability, the shoe can conform to nearly any surface and provides non-slip offroad traction paired with a minimalist fit that provides immediate feedback to underfoot conditions. Acceleritas are light, nimble, and snug; they almost “disappear” on your feet during a trail run and allow you to dig into the terrain with no fear of slippage. – read more

Icebug Oribi – Trail & Road Racer – With a thin weather-resistant upper, it would be a pretty easy assumption that the shoes don't breathe all that well, but the perforated tongue and small vents in the instep help to allow excess heat and sweat to escape, making for an enjoyable run in even extreme temperatures. Because the upper is so light, air tends to travel around the foot a bit during shoe flexion, also aiding in sweat reduction. The sewn-in tongue is padded and perforated and held in-place by a thin strip of stretchy material, keeping it in the proper placement without a full sockliner to restrict foot movement (or add weight & heat). – read more

2015 Zeal: Icebug Zeal: OCR Weapon – Over, under, & through anything, these shoes are tough and stand up to an amazing amount of abuse. The water-resistant and mud-shedding upper helps shield your feet from moisture, while feeling almost like they were made of bulletproof kevlar while they take a beating during any adventure. – read more

2015 Icebug Lineup: Icebug Acceleritas & Mist – Quite possibly the most flexible shoe I’ve ever worn while simultaneously loaded with big ‘ol lugs that eat up all the mud, dirt, and loose rocks you can find out on the trail or during a mud run. – read more