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Course Distance: 10 miles

Location: King's Domain, Ohio



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OCR World Championships (OCRWC) 2015 Race Results

Elite Men

1st Place – Jon Albon – $10,000 – 1:33:26

2nd Place – Ryan Atkins – $5,000 – 1:37:52

3rd Place – Cody Moat – $1,000 – 1:41:37

4th Place – Conor Hancock – 1:41:48

5th Place – Nikolaj Dam – 1:42:41

Full Elite Male Results here


Elite Women

1st Place – Lindsay Webster – $10,000 – 2:00:05

2nd Place – Claude Godbout – $5,000 – 2:01:43

3rd Place – KK Stewart Paul – $1,000 – 2:13:05

4th Place – Hanneke Dannhauser – 2:19:50

5th Place – Rose Wetzel – 2:23:14

Full Elite Female Results here


Age Group Championships

1st Place – $1,000

2nd Place – $500

3rd Place – $100


13-17  Men
NameCountry  Time  
1st – Vaibhav Bhat USA 2:13:34
2nd – Kaden Kopko USA 2:18:33
3rd – Conor McNulty USA 2:21:11
4th – Austin Ferris USA 2:26:13
Full 13- Male Results here


18-24  Men18-24 Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Ludvig WerkmasterSweden1:47:151st – Ida Mathilde SteensgaardDenmark02:26:14
2nd – Gregory AvierinosSouth Africa1:49:032nd – Linnea IvarssonSweden02:35:30
3rd – David NordstromSweden1:50:163rd – Michelle MeyerSouth Africa02:36:47
4th – Kristoffer Petersen SkonnordNorway1:51:484th – Isabell EnglundSweden02:42:50
5th – Austin AzarCanada1:53:305th – Katja ChristensenDenmark02:45:52
Full 18-24 Male Results hereFull 18-24 Female Results here


25-29 Men25-29 Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Brian GowiskiUSA01:48:311st -Sara TrolteSweden02:21:03
2nd – Victor QuezadaUSA01:53:342nd – Anna SvenssonSweden02:30:56
3rd – Robert WiltshireUSA01:55:473rd – Nicole DuquetteUSA02:32:33
4th – Simon WeigGermany02:03:224th – Alice FagrellSweden02:38:56
5th – Christain JonssonSweden02:05:415th – Morgan MckayCAN02:49:41
Full 25-29 Male Results hereFull 25-29 Female Results here


30-34  Men30-34 Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Krister SellmanSweden1:49:311st – Ashley SamplesUSA02:27:29
2nd – Ben KinsingerUSA1:51:232nd – Dominique DoliveiraSouth Africa02:42:13
3rd – Ivan SantanaUSA1:53:033rd – Laura NewtonAustralia02:42:22
4th – Peter AutioSweden1:56:354th – Erin BrooksUSA03:14:36
5th – Willem ErasmusSouth Africa2:03:455th – Jamie StilesUSA03:16:39
Full 30-34 Male Results hereFull 30-34 Female Results here


35-39  Men35-39 Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Dermot FitzpatrickSweden02:01:321st – Jetaime RibbinkSouth Africa02:32:06
2nd – David HasertGermany02:04:412nd – Kathleen LanphearUSA02:35:15
3rd – Andreas TjarnbergSweden02:08:093rd – Linda HolmstromSweden02:48:07
4th – Benjamin CoteCanada02:12:184th – Chrisa DustmanUSA02:49:57
5th – Casper DeVries02:14:175th – Anna-Lee Markstedt O'DwyerUSA02:53:20
Full 35-39 Male Results hereFull 35-39 Female Results here


40-44  Men40-44 Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Ethan NedeauUSA1:53:321st – Elvie LaPointe 2:45:59
2nd – Joel FoxUSA1:57:262nd – Kylie Alderson 2:51:44
3rd – Lance ReedUSA2:04:083rd – Cynthia CampanaroCAN 3:03:05
4th – Jimmy SandstenSweden2:05:514th – Kerry Gowen 4:07:08
5th – Yancy CulpUSA2:07:585th – Toni Cupit 5:43:21
Full 40-44 Male Results hereFull 40-44 Female Results here


45-49  Men45-49 Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Tadd MorrisUSA02:03:271st – Deanna BleggAUS02:25:02
2nd – Stephen KeithUSA02:11:182nd – Ramona Hass5:50:45
3rd – Glen NakamuraUSA02:16:59
4th – Paul KitkoUSA02:17:34
5th – Jimmy TesterUSA02:26:39
Full 45-49 Male Results hereFull 45-59 Female Results here


50+ Men50+ Women
NameCountry  Time NameCountry Time
1st – Ian Lowe-WyldeCanada02:04:481st – Heidi Williams 4:11:51
2nd – Thomas DeverUSA02:19:562nd –
3rd – Darcy BarrettCanada02:25:203rd –
4th – Dan FalkeUSA02:27:574th –
5th – James AndersonUSA02:42:55
Full 50+ Male Results hereFull 50+ Female Results here

Sunday Team Awards

Elite MenElite Women
Team NameMembers  Time Team NameMembers Time
1st – $1,500 – Two Englishmen and a Norwegian DefectorJames Appleton, Jonathan Albon, Conor Hancock00:41:181st – $1,500 – BattlefrogLindsay Webster, Claude Godbout, Corinna Coffin00:53:31
2nd – Team Kickass KillersRyan Atkins, Marco Bedard, Ryan Woods00:42:322nd – Toughest WomenLinnea Ivarsson, Siri Englund, Karin Karlsson00:54:43
3rd – Spartan-Apex ProjectBrakken Kraker, Chad Trammell, Robert Killian00:42:433rd – Warrior Race South Africa Team #3Dominique Doliveira, Trish Bahlmann, Hanneke Dannhauser00:59:34
4th – Toughest MenLudvig Werkmaster, Alex Mendes, Cimmie Wignell00:43:354th – Warrior Race South Africa Team #4Jetaime Ribbink, Michelle Meyer, Freya Martin1:00:36
5th – Warrior Race South Africa Team #1Gregory Avierinos, Thomas Van Tonder, Claude Eksteen00:43:585th – Team AwesomeMichelle Warnky, Amy Pajcic Maggi Thorne01:01:51
6th – Murphy's LawJunyong Pak, Matt Murphy, Brian Gowisky00:46:086th – OCR Team Swedemout ASara Trolte, Maria Welin, Linda Holmstrom01:05:25
7th – OCR Team Swedemount OdenChristian Jonsson, Dermot Fitzpatrick, Peter Autio00:48:177th – Turbo ChicksAmanada Steidle, Deanna Blegg, Laura Newton01:06:06
8th – Take The VanNikola Dara, Matthew Willis, Yancy Culp00:49:098th – OCR Team Swedemount SifIsabell Englund, Alice Fagrell, Jessica Lindberg01:06:26
9th – Warrior Race South Africa Team #2Williem Erasmus, Jay Jay Deysel, Pieter Beardman Joubert00:50:009th – Mud UnicornsVictoria Mcle, Orla Walsh, Kate Cramer01:15:21
10th – Platinum RigRaphael DOye, Jesse Bruce, Yan Asselin00:50:1210th – Strength & Speed ERAErin Brooks, Ashley Samples, Barbara Bass01:16:45



Fastest Country Award



Race Day Photos

Post Race Analysis & Videos

Saturday Night Post-Race Recap Replay

OCR World Championships Video

2015 OCRWCUnofficial results are live AND we have a little preview of what went down at the second OCRWC! Please email all timing based questions (including questions pertaining to penalties) to info@chosenUSA.com so that we can triage and respond accordingly. Results: bit.ly/ocrwc2015

Posted by OCR World Championships on Monday, October 19, 2015


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