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The most obstacles you've ever seen in one place! Conquer the Gauntlet is a grueling 4 mile obstacle course race with over 25 obstacles, and there's something more than a race going on here!

The purpose of Conquer the Gauntlet™ is to inspire people to become higher quality individuals by providing a passionate atmosphere where people can grow in character and interact with their community in an uplifting and positive way. We strive to be a transparent company, full of integrity, and truly want to deliver a platform for you to show not only your physical toughness, but the inner traits which define you.

We believe in the American Dream, come join us and Conquer the Gauntlet!

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Been there

Aug 01, 2015 by Sheila

I've competed/completed 5 CTG races, and they do not disappoint! They are quite challenging if attempting it alone (unless you consider yourself athlete worthy), but with the help of your friends or others on course, you will find this a fantastic motivator to get in shape! Got up off your arse and do something fun! This is it! Teach your kids to NOT come home to video games and snap chat. This is REAL American Ninja Warrior! I am personally in a group of friends where this type of 'racing" has changed lives and friendships. It's aweome!


Mar 04, 2015 by Luis Villa

I ran this last year with a few friends, and it was a very well put together race. But what impressed me the most, was how cool Mr. Mainprize was. I had the chance to talked to him after the race and he was such a cool dude. Very down to earth and you could see the love and the pride he had for his creation. To me that's what impressed me the most and that is why I am doing it again this year and bringing more people to join me in the fun. Thank you Mainprizes and thank you for being so humility.

The best mud run or obstacle challenge I've done yet.

Jan 21, 2015 by Charles Delsher

First of all this is not my first running event by any means. I have ran a 2 Warrior Dashes, a Spartan Sprint, a Rugged Maniac and a few other local type runs. Conquer The Gauntlet was excellent for lots of reason but 3 mattered most to me and those I ran with.

1.Very affordable. For what I paid, I got way more than any other race or challenge has provided. I had a blast and there were no extra website fees when I signed up which was nice and a pleasant surprise. So many races are starting to charge fees for everything they can possibly think of, this race just stated the price right on there site and that's exactly what I paid. THANK YOU!

2. OBSTACLES. Tons of high quality, impressive, safe obstacles. Every obstacle was safe, well build, and an absolute blast. And it seemed like there were 35 or 40 of them, they just kept coming. Many unique styles and a great mix of difficult obstacles, I now need to train for, as well as ones beginners could accomplish. They were also spaced out perfectly, no long stretches with nothing going on.

3. TEE SHIRT. The best Finisher shirts in the industry. These were the best shirts I've ever got at an event. I wear mine all the time it fits great. It is actually like a fitted shirt not a loose event baggy fitting one.

Thank you guys for the way you put this event together. I'll be back every year and will probably run multiple events a year if they are close to me.

Sep 15, 2014 by Sheila

For the money, this is one of the best OCR events around. This was my 2nd CTG and it was just as well-done as the 1st in KC. Very challenging obstacles, some that required teamwork, and great courses through river banks and trails, as well as the location of embankments and hills of speedways. CTG so far has remained affordable in the field of OCR, with $85 entry at the latest entry dates with no hidden insurance fees plus discount codes available. I did not, however, like that they 'greased' obstacles, which made them nearly impossible even with teamwork. I race OCR because I want to attempt each obstacle on my own strength and determination. It was also not disclosed beforehand, creating more risk of injury. But that is the world of obstacles.

Lots of fun.

Sep 14, 2014 by Jonathan

The staff, volunteers, and other runners were very helpful and friendly though. The obstacles ranged from easy to next to impossible, with several requiring teamwork to accomplish.

This was better than the Tough Mudder I did. Seriously

Aug 25, 2014 by Curtis Whalen

This CTG (Tulsa 2014) was OUTSTANDING. I ran the Kansas Tough Mudder (May 2014) and this CTG had tougher obstacles than the Mudder!
The 'Polar Vortex' didn't have much ice in it by the time we got to it, but it was still invigorating!!
Overall, EXTREMELY well executed!!

Course was terrific

Aug 25, 2014 by Steve Sheely

Loved this event. Great obstacles. Great terrain. Volunteers at every obstacle. Some required teamwork which is always fun. The obstacles involving climbing/falling had deep water wells below, which was nice since it was a super-hot day. I did not preview any obstacles and that added to the fun. Will definitely do again.

Complaints? Registration could be improved. There was a 30+ minute backup to register for my heat. Quite a few people got bumped to the next heat. I paid $10 and changed to the next heat which apparently I did not need to do. Better communication and organization at registration would have helped.

Also, some of the steep hill climbs had loose rocks -- some bigger than a basketball. I stopped to move some off the trail because they could roll down at hit another particpant. No big deal but something to keep an eye on.

See you next year!

Highlight of my Summer!

Aug 25, 2014 by Wendy Rush

I absolutely love CTG . Y'all do an AWESOME job!I did it last year and thought it was the hardest and funniest obstacle course race I had done . Then you guys went and took it to a whole nother level this year !! Will definitely come again and again !! Thanks again for being the highlight of my summer !

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Hands down the Best run I've done!!

Aug 25, 2014 by Jess Else

Everyone was very helpful when it came to registration and heat changes. Everything ran smoothly from what I saw. I loved the large number of obstacles that were challenging. The only other event of this kind I've done is the Warrior Dash and this event wins hands down. I will definitely make an effort to attend this event every chance I get and probably never waste my money on the Warrior Dash again.

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First time doing it, had such a great day!

Aug 25, 2014 by Faith Cuchins

I loved conquer the gauntlet! this was mine and my husband's first time doing any obstacle race. I really liked how the start line was set up, with that first wall to climb over. What I think was the best thing about the course was that most of the obstacles were not too difficult to conquer-but not so easy that it wasn't an impossible challenge. This was an amazing experience, and we are planning on coming back year after year!

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The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.3 5.0 42 42 This was my 5th CTG race. This is my favorite race series, hands down. The obstacles are challenging that some are hard to complete. The family that runs it is nice too. Their focu