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Dan Clark aka ‘Nitro' from the American Gladiators brings you the most insane one day event on the planet – The Gladiator Rock'n Run™.

The course challenges all participants to conquer extreme obstacles and harsh terrain, then to celebrate their conquests with a bad-ass post race party filled with music, beer and food.

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Apr 16, 2018 by Mimi Schector

Always a great race run by great people!

Apr 16, 2018 by Mimi Schector

Always a great race run by great people!

Pretty Fun

Oct 30, 2017 by Ian k

This was a good race for the money. I did the Elite 8AM wave, so waiting in line for the obstacles was not an issue. There was plenty of variety in terms of obstacles, which is always nice (not everything has to involve mud!). The Elite runners got treated to a few obstacles that the other waves didn't include, as far as I understand. Those were the Cinder Block Burpees and 20 reps with a 25 lb slam ball. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of strength-based obstacles like these. This race had obstacles I had never seen before, and I loved it. My only complaint about the actual race is that obstacle completion isn't mandatory for the Elite Wave. I know this is fairly common, but it makes it really hard to get on the podium when you watch people skipping entire obstacles (Those Cinder Block Burpees I mentioned? I watched many racers run right past them). All and all, I would do it again.

water slides have served their purpose

Aug 10, 2015 by marc bielec

Great event. Have done other races at this venue. Good set-up, quick sign in, long lines for cleaning station. Bypassed the cleaning station in favor of the 2 gallons of water in the bed of my truck. Time to re-think the water slide obstacle. I waited over 20 minutes that was added to my finishing time. It's not that much fun and gravity does all the work.

Disappointed Gladiator

Jul 30, 2015 by Darrell Wilhelm

I gave it 2 stars only because the band was good and they played all day. Otherwise, I would consider this a 1 star event.
Parking was close to event
Registration was organized and helpful
Bag check was free and organized
Band was good
Shirt and Medal
Obstacles and race course- Very, very long lines at all obstacles. It was literally a 45minute wait at the water slide as well as the balancing beams. Most of the obstacles were not big enough to accommodate runners and few were borderline unsafe. (My partner broke is finger on the poll lift). There were race times of over three hours due to standing in lines (5k). Jumping in and out of a garbage dumpster is just plain boring and stupid.
Volunteers were all middle school to high school kids. They really didn’t pay much attention to the race.
NO FREE BEER!! This is unheard of at a mud run. Let’s not make this a habit at runs.
Why a timed event with individual trophy’s if you are going to have obstacles that require a team to complete them?
I have run countless mud run obstacle course races, and this was probably the worst course I have run.

A Quality OCR Event

Jun 30, 2014 by Sam Elkins

This race was FUN, and should not be overlooked. First of all: top notch venue, with paved parking, wooded trails, and a beach to swim at afterwards (which works better than ANY shower to clean up in), changing tents, and some excellent local bands that were worth the price of admission. But most importantly, GREAT obstacles, with a few unique ones. Cinderblock burpees, tire carry lunges, bails of rice to carry, dumpster dive, monkey bars, vertical rope climb, group log carry (Navy Seal style, 8 to a log), wall climbs, barb wire crawl, river/pond crossing... these guys are doing it right. And founder Dan "Nitro" Clark was present, getting the crowd pumped. I highly recommend this race. AND WORTH REPEATING: I walked from the finish line right into the lake, and was completely mud-free in minutes! The cleanest I've ever left an OCR. Other races should take note! Finish the run at a public beach!

Can't wait for next year's event

Sep 23, 2013 by Alan

I felt this race was the best test of both my endurance and strength equally. They did not overdo the mud. There was just enough mud to make it another challenge/factor. Some races have so much mud that it gets boring.

May 12, 2013 by Justin Smelser

Had a blast at last years gladiator, this year was a lot tougher of
A course. Can't wait for 2014 to get here so I can do it all again.

The Ultimate Mud Run, Obstacle Race and Adventure Race Guide , USA 4.3 5.0 8 8 Always a great race run by great people!