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As of July 30th, 2019 Warrior Dash has announced they are ceasing operations. Please see this post for details, including several other OCRs who are stepping up and offering free races for affected Warrior Dash racers.

Warrior Dash is the world's largest running series and is held on challenging and rugged terrains across the world. Participants bound over fire, trudge through mud and scale over 12 obstacles during this fierce 5K. From couch potatoes to novice runners to extreme athletes, Warrior Dash truly is an event for all athletic abilities.

The inspiration behind Warrior Dash was to create the most bad-ass day possible. It is a day where participants can challenge themselves, be active and get muddy. Participants tackle the course and then celebrate their accomplishments with beer, food and live music.

Warrior Dash is an alternative to the classic 5K and provides an incomparable experience for participants and spectators. The unique combination of athleticism, live music, turkey legs and beer keeps Warriors coming back for more.

Warrior Dash is partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The St. Jude Warriors program encourages Warrior Dash racers to fundraise for St. Jude. With the help of 2012 participants Warrior Dash has raised over 2 million dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Red Frog Events prides itself on creating the Active Entertainment Industry, which is a combination of fitness, entertainment and event management. As a leader in the industry, we strive to make each Warrior Dash more unique and challenging than the last. Innovation is continuously brewing back at Red Frog Events office where the whole team is dreaming up new obstacles and twists for Warrior Dash. In the end, we are in the business of having fun!

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Great Race!

Jun 06, 2016 by Alexandra Hammouri

I had a great time at this race. I ran in the competitive wave and enjoyed the whole experience. The obstacles are doable by almost everyone, so it just comes down to being the fastest. I wish that it was chip timed, but it's not, so the start was crowded and you have to fight for your spot. The only other thing I didn't like was that women and men take off together, it would have been nice if they had let the men take off and then the women maybe 10-15 minutes later so we weren't having to fight for a spot with the guys.

Great for beginners

Apr 15, 2016 by James Wilson

The race was fun and the obstacles were appropriate for beginners and journeymen alike. Not good if you are looking for something competitive as runners are clumped up and there's no timing chip. However, great if you want to do something fun and healthy with your friends.

A great OCR, especially for new-comers

Apr 13, 2016 by Chip T.

The Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN was my first real OCR/mud run, and after that, I was hooked! Since that first one, I have already completed three additional OCRs, and I am registered for my first Tough Mudder next month. And I am looking at completing the Spartan Trifecta in 2016 as well.

All that being said, I have the Warrior Dash to thank for all my OCR obsessions now. Although it isn't the most difficult OCR out there, Warrior Dash is really big fun! It can be challenging and entertaining for new-comers, as well as seasoned veterans. My wife and I are doing the Warrior Dash in Georgia this weekend. It will be her first WD, but I know it won't be her last!

Plus the medal that you get upon completion of the WD is awesome!

I highly recommend checking out a Warrior Dash near you!

not a bad race

Apr 12, 2016 by Gino Meriano

its an interesting event the video promotes its a 5k Obstacle race - but when you read the text its mainly about running and had around 12 obstacles in 2016, far less than 2015

don't get me wrong I love the race MORE SO The medal but they should be clear as to what they are offering in AZ, I heard so many complain half way in the 930 wave saying - where are the obstacles? - this became a common comment

in addition, with all the land available why restrict spectators view they could see so much more but they only get a piece of the slide and mud pit and not much else

I have done this race every year and love it just think the guys could step it up a gear in AZ, even first timers complained before anyone says I am not the first time runner and yes I do around 30 races a year BUT still would be great of the RDs understood what they should be offering

Overall, still LOVE WARRIOR DASH anyways :-)

Warrior Dash: Fun in the Arizona Sun

Apr 10, 2016 by Jack Kenney

Warrior Dash in Glendale, Arizona represents my second OCR. Yup, number two.

And it was so much fun.

Now in viewing all the comments for Warrior Dash I sense a clear disconnect between the hardcore racers and the crazy fun runners. For me Warrior Dash is a bit of both.

First the AZ layout was great. The first third of the event runs you through the stadium. Down the steps across the warning track across the warning track and out. I found it a little tricky due to steps and those weird stadium steps no less and hard surface concrete when I am used to trail. But the variance of surface made a nice challenge.

On the back field you come up on the first water station and the first obstacle. Angle wall, under a wall, over a short wall, under, over, crawl...Not to bad.

And more running.

A couple more climbing over obstacles including the cargo net tunnel which sucked due to my height and size. It killed me.

More climbing up and over then the tunnels. The rocks in the tunnels weren't much fun but all part of it.

Then the good stuff.

First up on the wet side was a hybrid ring cross balance beam with streams of water. Not a challenge due to my height.


A balance beam across water with a full spray of water in the face. Slip and fall. Bummer. Only blown obstacle.

Next came the mud humps and the chance to meet your colleagues waist deep in muck. Help and be helped. Awesome.

Fire jump. (Do all OCRs have these?)

And Goliath. Climb the backside under a steady water stream then slide into a pool of goopy water. Like a kid again.

Last was the slog...Crawling through thick mud for the final full effect of being absolutely filthy. You can face off the mud but not my smile.

In the end it may not be a Spartan or Rugged or Battlefrog but I don't think that is the point. With 5000 announced runners I think it was just a chance to get a little run on, a little mud on, and a few fun memories.

I will be back.

Warrior Dash Austin 2016

Mar 06, 2016 by Drew Bowker

Warrior Dash arrived in Austin, Cedar Creek actually, this weekend and was one of the first OCR experiences for many this season. I had missed the mud fest which many experienced in 2015, although many still enjoyed it, so this was my first WD experience.
Arriving on site around 9 I experienced no issues with parking or packet pickup. Both went quickly. As an added bonus for $20 you could run all day, so why not. The festival area was a party already with plenty of people either getting ready to head out or already covered mud and taking the all important post race selfies to share with the world and commemorate their accomplishments.
Once stowing my bag and getting geared up I made my way over to the starting corral for the pre race warm up. There I found about 10 other teammates and we were all ready to go.
The first ¾ of a mile was a run through the horse corrals and clearly the horses were excited by the extra activity at Rusty’s Walnut Creek Ranch as they were probably running faster in their corrals than the participants sprinting by them. After leaving the flat lands of the ranch you went through an Over/Under before heading into the woods on to the trails. Next we were immediately forced into the Trenches to ensure you knew this wasn’t just a quick clean run in the woods. Other obstacles in the Warrior Dash repertoire were well placed through the venue. Alcatraz ensured you were swimming, as I entered Pipeline a fellow runner suggested going through on your back was easier, Giant Cliffhanger was a surmountable obstacle (although I saw a few struggle with the transition at the top), and with Chaotic Cargo following Cliffhanger some were about done with climbing. As you neared the end you encountered a Ring cross, Balance beams, the Fire Jump and Goliath. As you exited Goliath on the final sprint to the finish you met Muddy Mayhem. This last obstacle ensured you were covered head to toe in mud, but it made for great pictures while you had the Medal/Bottle opener hanging around your neck.
Once off the course the party continued. There were Shock Top beers for all finishers, a DJ keeping the dancing going, plenty of food available as well. They had a few contests going on and I seem to have missed the best beard contest, oh well maybe next year.
After a little rest and recovery a few of us took to the course for another lap. I was impressed as in some races the later you go the more the course gets beat up or you find backups at the obstacles. I experienced none of that on my second loop.
A special Thanks to all the volunteers on the course. They made sure you were on course and were very supportive of everyone passing by.
Overall Warrior Dash promised and provided a great race and a good time. I am definitely looking forward to my next one.

Warrior Dash TN

Feb 19, 2016 by Kristen Bailey

Warrior Dash was the most difficult, but most exhilarating thing I have done! It was so awesome and I was sad when we crossed the finish line. We got super muddy and loved every second! The obstacles were challenging, but so much fun! It was also so great to see strangers helping each other out of mid pits and encouraging each other to get through the obstacle!! It was just a wonderful experience and I am so ready to participate again and again!! I recommend it to any and everyone!!!

Feb 19, 2016 by Abbie Olson

My husband, who runs many OCR races, suggested we run a Warrior Dash for our anniversary in June. This Dash was the closest to us, and was near enough to our anniversary that we decided it would work.

As someone who tends to prefer simple road races to obstacle races, this was perfect for my beginner status. The run was not too difficult and I was able to complete each obstacle (was even 2 days after a stomach bug).

It was definitely"easy" for my husband, but he is far more practiced and experienced with obstacle courses. He had fun piling mud on me, and helping me through anything (even carried me across the finish line just for fun).

It was a unique and enjoyable 9th anniversary date!

Warrior Dash Arizona 2015

Feb 19, 2016 by Doug Hopple

My OCR journey started with a Warrior Dash in 2011, so i have always had a soft spot for this event. I love bringing along people new to the sport to WD and the 2015 AZ event was no different. Had two first timers and a relative new comer along for the fun. Everyone had an amazing time on this course. Whether it's your first mud run or you're a seasoned veteran, Warrior Dash doesn't disappoint. Check it out!

Feb 18, 2016 by Sheri

Had a blast at the Dash in Tennessee last fall. Would love to do it again this year. Are you coming back to Milky Way Farms in 2016?

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