“We’d like to announce that as of yesterday, Human Movement, a Colorado based event company, has acquired the assets of the Dirty Girl Mud Runs. While Human Movement was previously a subcontractor for Dirty Girl events, they were not responsible for the operations or finances of their events. 

It became clear that change was needed when an event in West Virginia was originally cancelled with no refunds (this has since changed). While Human Movement was not responsible for canceling this event, it was clearly an undesirable outcome for anyone involved. At that time, Human Movement made an attempt to save the WV event with their own limited resources and then ultimately offered to acquire 100 LLC’s assets, and will be responsible for operating future Dirty Girl events.”

– Dirty Girl's Facebook page, July 28, 2014

In our earlier article, The Fall and Rise of Dirty Girl , we went inside the world of Dirty Girl Mud Run to get to the bottom of the shakeup that led to Human Movement Management (The Zombie Run, Ugly Sweater Run, 5k Dance Party, and others events) assuming ownership from the original owners, 100LLC. If you're interested in that full scoop, you can read the entire article here.

Two Burning Questions

Most DGMR fans (and detractors) really wanted answers to the following questions:

  • What events are cancelled and which ones are still on?
  • What does this mean for Bright Pink, DGMR's charity partner?

Future Dirty Girl Mud Run Events

While there were initially (15) remaining Dirty Girl Mud Run locations for 2014, the hard decision was made to save eight venues that required cancelling seven others. Those that will go on as planned are:

  • Twin Cities 8/2/14
  • Cleveland 8/9/14
  • Milwaukee 8/16/14 & 8/17/14
  • Baltimore/DC 8/23/14
  • Buffalo 9/6/14
  • Denver 9/20/14
  • Atlanta 4/25/15
  • Scranton 5/2/15 & 5/3/15

“Human Movement is committed to providing the highest quality experience for all Dirty Girl participants,” said HMM CEO Jeff Suffolk. “While we are pleased to have saved these eight events, we understand the disappointment this may bring to participants of canceled events, and are working hard to present alternative options to honor the original registration.” (from Human Movement 8/1/14 press release

Of the 7 events that were cancelled – Lincoln (9/13/14), San Antonio (9/27/14), Dallas (10/4/14), Houston (10/11/14), Oakland (10/25), Greater Los Angeles (11/1) and Phoenix (11/15) –  refunds are available for all registrants who purchased their tickets through Eventbrite, while those who purchased their entry fees through Dirty Girl’s in-house system (managed by the previous owner, 100LLC) should contact their bank or credit card company to pursue refunds. HMM is currently exploring alternatives including credit for entry into a future Dirty Girl Mud Run as well.

Going forward, Human Movement Management will continue to add to the 2015 schedule and update as new races are scheduled. “We appreciate that you have stuck with us as we have run our own obstacle challenge over the last week,” said Suffolk. “We care abotut our participants and believe have reached the most positive outcome for everyone — one that preserves Dirty Girl as well as ensures that the races with the most participants go on as planned.” (from Human Movement 8/1/14 press release

A Bright Future for Bright Pink

On the charity side, HMM quickly wrote a check for $50,000 to support Bright Pink and show the commitment that Jeff Suffolk and his team have to righting as many of the wrongs as they possibly can, as quickly as they can, and focus the necessary energy and funds to fighting ovarian cancer.

“Bright Pink is so grateful to the Dirty Girl community, including Human Movement Management, the sponsors who make these races possible, and for the generous financial contribution in honor of the series. We are proud to partner with all of you in saving thousands of lives by educating, equipping and empowering young women to be proactive with their breast and ovarian health.

Cleaning Up the Dirty Girl Image

There’s no magic wand to wave and make everything better, the only thing that will get our fans to understand that we’re working hard to regain their trust is for us to prove it by putting on quality events. – Jeff Suffolk, CEO, Human Movement Management 

Looking at Dirty Girl's Facebook page even after all of Human Movement Management's hard work, you can still see plenty of former fans that are skeptical, even some saying it's too little – too late. HMM's team knows that it will take more than just a few facebook posts an eloquently-written article (shamelss plug) to change anyone's mind, they will have to deliver on their promises – “…to provide the highest quality experience for all Dirty Girl Participants.” Period.

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