4-8QU7udJQ8OBF7s8MkzTKSmNupCp_f4ReI6GFUTFgAA lot of times people think you need to have gym memberships or go to CrossFit gyms to be in good shape for Obstacle Course Races(OCR's). The reality is not everyone has a good gym near them. Training can happen anywhere you just need the right equipment and you can do great workouts from your own home or anywhere. Here is a list of training equipment we think are must haves for your workouts :

Wreck Bag

Wreck Bag, OCR's version of the sand bag but much better. Wreck Bag is a new sandbag alternative made with a durable outer shell, rugged handles and a proprietary shock absorbing fill (NO SAND). Made perfect for OCR training & races.

Dyn60zBn5lK3xtcLNTTnse6zvw-5FtCFgkhFV8g_M-w,TPsg2nWDqVnR26XRUowvZt9mCnOsX7YSA6xhaopkNwM,tF9faCGCiaJ89N-jo_ncdURr-dL9d2AP0CXA_3MqqgMWe have done the DIY sandbag, where you buy sand and duct-tape all over and use it as a sandbag. It did the job but over time with weather, the sand would fall out and the tape would be stripping off. The Wreck bag is so much more convenient and easy to use. You will see them everywhere now as the OCR world has caught on with them, from OCR races, training facilities, the online show OCR Warrior and even the OCR World Championships! In my opinion, they are worth every penny!

Wreck Bags can be used in various ways. From running up hills, to lunges, burpees, and even biceps curls…..the workouts are endless(their youtube channel has great ideas)!

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Crossropes jump ropes are not your ordinary jump rope.  They are a heavy duty jump ropes that are made to last!  We tried out “The Performance set” perfect for any surface and are convenient when traveling. It has a variety of weights from 3oz  to 3 lbs.  With such an array to choose from, you will get an awesome cardio fat burning workout & also build lean muscle while mixing up the ropes.


The CrossRope has a patent pending interchangeable handle design with weighted jump rope cables. It is so easy to do, we love how we can go from rope to rope in seconds & not skip a beat! This is the ultimate cross-training jump rope with training applications for endurance, speed, cardio, weight loss and power workouts.


V7GV2TPfxKdsOBDSr4MWufxvU2rGMh67hk14c9Zub1c,58UcScH4Xxd4Yc2EKnvPNit6FL7w59xhsxJEaEwlcdQThe black and thick orange ropes are apart of their new ‘All-Surface' series ropes that are versatile enough to be used anywhere, indoors or out, the perfect cross training accessory for any mud run enthusiast! I used these on pavement, grass & dirt….they can really take a beating!


We did a variety of workout intervals with them & within 5 minutes we were drenched in sweat & our arms, legs, back, & basically our whole body was burning! Great product, a must have for the serious athlete getting into shape or taking his game to the next level! You can find the right ropes for you at www.crossropes.com



Muscle Ropes

jwXYGdqxAFOV8nf1tN74h2q8AUcvEYuev1v7I6YmiugOur next training tool is Muscle Ropes. We have 2 different ones, 1 strictly for climbing and the other for a whole body workout.  There a lot of different type of ropes out there and we had our fair share of them. From the ones they sell at Home Depot to the ones from Ebay & they do not last long at all ( a couple months tops) compared to Muscle Ropes.  The quality is by far the best of all the rope we have tried, every workout rope is assembled by hand in the United States.

The”Aftershock” rope, is their manila workout rope that is a natural fiber and is best suited to be used outside.  It is a perfect ornament for our tree.   We strictly used it for climbing rope,  we sometimes would get the rope wet to make it more difficult and realistic to racing situations. It helped out our grip strength doing repetitive climbs.

fOdlyOqic1qyNox-qSJweXkoJhMN_R5nfnK7yGZwQ3IOur second rope we have is the one we are going to beat up the most, slamming it on the floors & giving it everything we got to get a good workout in.

We went with the”Lightning” rope,  their high-performance polypropylene work out rope that has the lightest weight per foot of all the Muscle Ropes, and is ideal for a high intensity, high rep workout.

We do all type of workouts with this one.  We just googled work out ideas and we were off to a full body workout. You don't need much time using these to feel the burning sensation. We originally thought they would be a good arm and shoulder work out, boy were we wrong.  Once you see the variety of things you can do with them, they will literally get your whole body into tip top shape.We recommend Muscle Ropes to any home, boot camp CrossFitfit gym as they are made with materials to last.

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