17b455_6f029e9eabe5418e90b3e95cadd1cd91After being questioned by family, friends and coworkers about my bumps and bruises each Monday after a race this has just another part of being an obstacle racer. For some they are a badge of honor you take home with you medal. Others would rather not look like they have been in a serious accident or attacked by the alley cat at the end of every weekend. For those looking to avoid the black and blues, the perfect solution is McDavid’s TEFLX products, they offer various protection for your arms and legs. This is a new level of extreme protection for you from obstacles. TEFLX ultra toughness is formulated into 9mm Hex padding that resists burning, shearing and sticking on hard surfaces, while offering superior protection.

This product has been on the market for years and you may have even seen your favorite NBA or NFL players wearing them for protection on their elbows, knees, and shins. But until recently they had yet to make a mark on the OCR world. However, as more and ore people get into the sport of obstacle racing this product can be a key for those looking to avoid bumps and bruises.


Initial Impressions

6440X_SWhen I first saw these I immediately thought of how valuable they would be at World's Toughest Mudder in November. During my first WTM I learned the hard way how much wear and tear your body takes during the race. I did not have the right gear to protect me from the obstacles over the 24hr period and my body paid the price. When going through obstacles an extended period you need some kind of protection that will last till the very end as well as stay in good shape. I found out being able to run for 24hrs is important, but that means nothing when you don’t have the right gear.

image_216e8556-c939-41ff-af92-15b7aadd8cc4_grandeThis year will be a different story I will have these bad boys to protect me every step of the way. The best way I can describe these is like wrapping yourself with bubble wrap but without them popping. During field testing the McDavid TEFLX pads they feel great and didn’t get in the way of my performance. I was able to moved without any issues and found them to be comfortable. They also gave me an extra boost of confidence because I know I will have that protection on my arms and legs when I need it.  I know McDavid’s TEFLX products will play a huge roll on keeping me protected at Obstacle Course Races and any wild adventures that I come across. With an affordable price tag they make a great addition to my OCR kit.

They start from $34 for their Knee/Elbow/Shin pair and goes up to $39 for their leg sleeves pair on their website at www.mcdavidusa.com


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