One interesting photo emerged on social media last Saturday, a 4-sided triangular “delta” with what appeared to be Spartan Race Trifecta medal holders on 3 of the visible sides.

Speculation began immediately, is it:

  • Just a cool triple (or quadruple, don't forget the bottom triangle) Trifecta holder?
  • Some new event or tied into the rumored Spartan Point System?
  • Will this replace the coins?
  • Spartan X? Agoge? International Death Race??
  • …Something else altogether? Remember – we have NO IDEA.

We repeatedly beat down Spartan's door (figuratively, of course) until Joe sent back a cryptic email:

“We've been developing DELTA for [time redacted], and are [swear redacted] that it was leaked early.”

…buuut, I couldn't let it go that easily. After a series of questions that went unanswered, Joe agreed to the following if I stopped my incessant messages:

“Why don't we have a contest from now until Christmas Day; people vote on what it is and we'll pick a winner from correct responses to send someone the very first Spartan Delta.

WIN the Very First Spartan DELTA. Seriously.

So, here we go with a Facebook contest!

  1. Go to Mud Run Guide's Facebook post
  2. Share to your own wall (or groups, etc.) and the person with the most confirmed shares between today and 12/25 will win a free Spartan Race entry.
  3. One winner will be chosen from the correct responses by Joe De Sena himself on Christmas Day to receive the FIRST. DELTA. EVER.

Share. Comment. Win.

So? Get crackin'! You may win your very own piece of Spartan Race history!

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