Mudderella, one of the leading female only OCRs announced today new obstacles for the 2016 season.  Mudderella is part of the Tough Mudder, Inc. family of brands and is the 5-mile obstacle course challenge designed for women, by women. Mudderella events give women a non-competitive environment to sink their teeth into OCR for the first time or gather a group of friends together for a fun event.

This year Mudderella has added a few new obstacles to the line up in 2016 include:

  • full-sized-promo-228Peak Performance: Mudderellas must take a running head start to catapult over the top of this ramp-like obstacle that requires upper body strength and speed. Once your reach the top, grab hold of a rope and hoist yourself over before sliding down the opposite side. Built using trampoline material, the surface gets slicker as the mud piles on, making this obstacle as exhilarating as it is challenging.


  • Charlie’s Angels: Make your way to the top of this massive and steep A-frame structure by grabbing for footholds and working together to ascend over the top. Charlie’s Angels will test core and grip strength and stability, giving participants a full-body workout.


  • Stunt Double: Leave your stunt double at home for this one and face your fears with your team by your side. Participants will leap off this 10’ platform onto a large inflatable below, giving them an adrenaline rush and true sense of accomplishment.


  • full-sized-promo-247Triple Threat: Get ready for a triple shot of mud. Scramble up a slippery slope and climb into a muddy tube where you’ll emerge into a pit of water. With the help of your teammates, clamber out of the mud bath onto a slick embankment and slide gracefully into a second pit, where you’ll dunk under a wall to reach the exit. Triple threat, indeed. 


In 2016, Mudderella will be headed to Chicago, New York/New Jersey, New England in the United States. In Canada, they will be headed to both Toronto and Whistler. Finally, the last event of the season will be in Melbourne, Australia. 


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