Mud Run Guide Contributor, Evan Perperis is embarking on a new journey in June. For 7 days he plans to run an average distance of a marathon at specific obstacle courses around the Northeast and Midwest to bring awareness to the sport of OCR as well as raise money for the charity, Folds of Honor, which provides scholarship money to children of US Military veterans whose parents were killed or wounded in action. Additionally, he wants to challenge his body in this multi-day extreme challenge.



Evan will begin his journey on June 19th and run a different course daily ending on June 25.  He will be starting with Tough Mudder, New England and working his way all the way across to Conquer The Gauntlet, Oklahoma City. For days 2-5, he has opened online registration using various permanent obstacle course venues. The venues of these events are providing their services and access at an extremely low cost allowing almost all the money raised to go directly to the scholarship funds.

You can sign up to run one lap of one day with him and your registration includes a participant shirt. If you sign up for more than one day, you also get an OCR America belt buckle showing your dedication to a great cause and an amazing sport. For those extreme athletes that enjoy multi-lapping, you are welcome to run as many laps as you want with him as long as the other waves are not full. Even if the other waves are full you can still multi-lap each course but must run at your own pace (stay well behind or far ahead of the main group).

Full schedule of events and sign up links are listed below:

Day 1: Sunday June 19:  Tough Mudder New England

Day 2: Monday June 20:  Shale Hill at Benson Vermont

Day 3: Tuesday June 21: Viking OCR at Sunny Hill in Greenville, New York

Day 4: Wednesday June 22:  Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet in Binghamton, New York

Day 5: Thursday June 23:  Newbsanity Extreme Ravine in Binghamton, New York

Day 6: Friday June 24:  Dirt Runner in Marseilles, Illinois

Day 7: Saturday June 25:  Conquer The Gauntlet in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


For more information visit the Strength & Speed website. 

Learn More about Folds of Honor.


A special thanks to Mud Run Guide, Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team, Hammer Nutrition, FatGripz, Road ID, LifeFuels and MudGear for supporting the event. Feel free to contact Evan directly through the Strength & Speed site if you have any questions about becoming a supporting or title sponsor.


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