Day 44, March 29

Miles today: 42.6

Miles Run so far: 1,786.2

Miles to go: 688

Today had several great moments! At a morning pit stop, we jumped at the chance to try some Louisiana local craw daddies and added it to Adam’s breakfast menu to get in on the local culture. And, the puppies in Louisiana are giving Adam some major love! This husky pup loved on the crew for one of Adam’s short pit stops. There’s something about the energy, joy and unconditional love from puppies that just brightens up the day. Adam continued to make amazing progress by walking 42.6 miles today for a total of 1,786.2 and 688 to go! Bring on Day 45 and crossing the Mississippi River! 

Day 45

Day 45, March 30

Miles today: 50.8

Miles Run so far: 1,837

Miles to go: 637

Today was a big day! Today marked Day 45, the day the team expected to be finishing in New York City. Instead, we were thankful and celebrated being right where we were in Louisiana. We gave a big cheers to Adam right before crossing the grand Mississippi River! Adam ran clear across the river around 1:30 pm. He’s in the brand spankin’ new state of Mississippi. Woop! Woop! He had an awesome day pushing 50.8 miles with 1,837 so far and 637 to go across Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Excited for tomorrow! We see the light! 

Day 46


Day 46, March 31

Miles today: 51.6

Miles Run so far: 1,888.6

Miles to go: 561

The day was overcast all day long and ended in torrential downpours and storms. Even through the bad weather, five stellar Mississippi runners came out to join Adam in the rain.  Thankfully, this was only the third day of rain in the entire cross country journey thus far! Later in the day when the storms got worse, Adam waited out the storm in the RV as lightning passed over. He hit the road again in the dark finishing the day at 51.6 miles with 1,888.6 traveled so far and 561 to go. He’s almost beneath 500 miles to go! Bring on Day 47!

Day 47

Day 47, April 1

Miles today: 53.5

Miles Run so far: 1,942.1

Miles to go: 508

The day started like a normal trans-con day with Adam running in five-mile sections. Then, fellow marathoner Eric met up with the team after driving three hours north from the Mississippi coast to run with Adam. It’s amazing how far folks have traveled to join in on Adam’s grand cross-country adventure just to be a part of what he’s doing. The new company is always appreciated! Later in the day, Adam took time to meet with a chiropractor to re-adjust his hips. He finished the day bagging 53.5 miles with 1,942.1 miles so far and 508 miles to go! Day 48, we are ready for ya!

Day 48

Day 48, April 2

Miles today: 60

Miles Run so far: 2,002.1

Miles to go: 448

Today was a huge day of three exciting achievements! Today was Adam’s first day completing a total of 60 miles for an individual day. Then, he also surpassed running a total of 2,000 miles of his cross-country journey! Lastly, he crossed into his 7th state of Sweet Home Alabama! The team had a lot to celebrate today! His wife, Karen’s, grandparents surprised Adam near the border as an extra boost of encouragement! What a great day! Bring on Day 49! 

Day 49

Day 49, April 3

Miles today: 56

Miles Run so far: 2,058.1

Miles to go: 392

Day 49 was spent making a straight shot along US 80 only traveling five miles at a time for pit stops. We were in State Trooper Heaton’s territory all day, so he continued checking on us at each pit stop as he was on his own route. It was awesome to have local support and a nearby friend to call on if the crew needed anything. Adam finished the day traveling 56 miles with 2,058.1 so far and only 392 to go! Proud of Adam and all he’s accomplished. Big Day 5-0 is tomorrow!

Day 50

Day 50, April 4

Miles today: 41.8

Miles Run so far: 2099.9

Miles to go: 350

Today’s run was all along a historic route crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. The team did a lot of reflecting and took in the history that took place here in 1965 when civil rights demonstrators were attacked after crossing the bridge. Adam continued on and in the afternoon he took advantage of being near Montgomery, Alabama and got dry needling done again in hopes of relieving the pain from a pinched nerve on his back near his right pelvis. The team hoped it would relieve the pain, but it didn't subside. Adam finished earlier than he expected from the pain. He finished at 41.8 miles for the day, with 2,099.9 traveled so far and only 350 miles to go. We are hoping Day 51 is better. 

Day 51

Day 51, April 5

Miles today: 40

Miles Run so far: 2,139.9

Miles to go: 318

The day started off with an awesome treat! Karen’s grandparents met up with the team for the third day in a row and showered the team with tons of goodies. Then, her grandpa joined in with Adam and Karen for a five-mile section helping Adam pass the time with good company along the route. The afternoon had its own surprise! Charlie, a fellow runner Adam met on his first day running in California flew out to surprise Adam as Forrest Gump in Alabama! How crazy! Charlie has been following Adam’s journey closely since the first day and has provided the team awesome encouragement along the way. We were all so shocked and pumped to see him! Again, it’s so crazy the distances folks are traveling to encourage Adam across the country. The two were twins for awhile on the route and did a five-mile twilight run together to start off the late night. Adam finished around midnight with 40 miles completed for the day for 2,139.9 miles total and only 318 to go! Day 52, what do you have in store for us?

Day 52

Day 52, April 6

Miles today: 44

Miles Run so far: 2,183.9

Miles to go: 274

Adam continued working his way across Alabama on US 80 with crew mates providing him company throughout the day. He is eagerly looking to his last border crossing tomorrow: Georgia! He completed 44 miles today for 2,183.9 miles down and only 274 miles to go! Bring on Georgia, Day 53! TYBEE ISLAND, GA OR BUST!

Day 53

Day 53, April 7

Miles today: 76.3

Miles Run so far: 2,260.2

Miles to go: 198

Adam started at 5 am this morning and crossed into the final state of Georgia at 9:30 am! He’s finally in Georgia! The excitement didn’t last long, though. He was in a lot of pain. The team rallied to find him a doctor on the border in Columbus, Georgia. At the doctor, Adam got an exam, x-ray of his back, lidocaine patches and PT treatment to hopefully ease his pain. Even through the pain, Adam persevered doing a round- the- clock day from 5 am this morning until 8 am on April 8 completing his biggest mileage yet for a single day: 76.3 miles! Crew mates joined Adam for each overnight five-mile section to keep him company in the late hours. This was all in an effort to get in as many miles as possible before the crew whisked Adam and Karen down to Florida for the next two days for the couple to officiate their friends’ wedding ceremony. This was an exciting detour for the trans-con journey and for Adam and Karen to celebrate with friends and family at the wedding! 

Day 54

Day 54, April 8

Miles today: 0

Miles Run so far: 2,260.2

Miles to go: 198

Adam dominated a 27-hour round-the-clock shift from 5 am on April 7 to 8 am this morning walking and running in five mile sections. He traveled a total of 76.3 miles during that time! At 8 am, a few crew members packed up Adam and Karen and road tripped them down to St. Petersburg, Florida to officiate their friends', Reed and Julie’s, wedding. Adam and Karen are taking advantage of the road trip to get a few hours of needed rest after the all-nighter and to get ready for the final 198 miles left to go after the wedding!

Day 55

Day 55, April 9

Miles today: 0

Miles Run so far: 2,260.2

Miles to go: 198

Adam and Karen had the honor of officiating their friends’ wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida. What at exciting detour for the Trans-Con journey! All four look stunning at the beautiful beach-side ceremony. 

Day 56

Day 56, April 10

Miles today: 20

Miles Run so far: 2,280.2

Miles to go: 187 

After the wedding, Adam’s crew picked up Adam and Karen at 2:45 am to drive them back to Georgia to get started again on pushing out the final 198 miles! During the drive, Adam got his final hours of rest in the back of the RV before his start at 10 am. Crew mates Josh and Clayton reunited with Adam at 12 pm on his route after their own short journey back home to Chicago for the weekend. We were only away from each other for 48 hours, but had missed each other. The crew has become our own tight knit family. After two days of rest, we all expected Adam to crush today with major miles. However, today proved the final miles won’t be easy and won’t look like we all hoped or expected for Adam. Adam is in a lot of pain in his SI joint and went to a doctors office to get checked out again. Even though he was in pain, he completed 20 miles for the day for a total of 2,280.2 with only 187 to go. Day 57, we hope you feel better than today!

Run Across USA

Day 57, April 11

Miles today: 43

Miles Run so far: 2,323.2

Miles to go: 144

Adam was in the worst pain yet of his cross-country journey, so he took his time today. Gobi Desert pal, Mark, drove from Atlanta, Georgia to surprise Adam in the afternoon and give him some company on today's miles. Adam’s friends from his Gobi race have proved to provide Adam the encouragement, support and company he has needed at the most critical points in his journey. It’s crazy that these friends all met racing in the Gobi Desert in China and so many have traveled far distances from across the US to take Adam’s side for long miles together. His Gobi buds have become official trail angels. Adam completed 43 miles today with Mark's support totaling 2,323.2 with only 144 to go! The Atlantic is within reach, but we are realizing it won’t be an easy-breezing ending. 

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Day 58, April 12

Miles today: 65

Miles Run so far: 2,388.2

Miles to go: 80

Today was a solid day of 65 miles from 5 am all the way through the night to 3 am, totaling 2,388.2 miles so far with only 80 miles to go! He’s pushing hard! Adam’s journey has come with a lot of unexpected pain shifting from spot to spot in his legs and back and the team has continued to strategize and research ways to lessen the pain. However, Adam's journey has been a lot of fun, too! There hasn’t been a day yet without laughter and smiles. The crew continues to be creative on making each day unique and fun, especially with Adam’s love for movies. So, the team had an idea to create a video of Adam subbing in as Forrest Gump while we were passing through Alabama. The obvious resemblance even caught the eye of a driver passing by one night who yelled out the window to Adam, “Run, Forrest! Run!” Our videographer, Charlie Kaye, made it happen. Here is Adam Kimble debuting as the real-live Forrest Gump:

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