Day 1

Miles today: 55.6 

Miles Run so far: 55.6

Miles to go: 2974.4 

Day 1 went as well as could be expected. Adam ran from Huntington Beach to Riverside, CA, in temps ranging from 55 degrees to 88 degrees. He was welcomed into the town of Yorba Linda by a crew of runners eager to run with him for a few miles. His pit crew is still getting the hang of things and trying to hone in on the best process to get Adam what he needs when he needs it! We only had two unplanned route changes that were made on the fly, but these changes only impacted his total planned mileage for the day by two miles. Looking forward to day 2!

If running across the USA isn't difficult enough, Adam's pursuit is also being filmed by a documentary! The crew is a two-man operation from Dallas (Paul & Charlie) with more equipment than you could imagine, all shoved into a 15-passenger van. Like Adam's pit crew, they too are figuring out the best way to get the shots they want in a (sometimes) unpredictable environment! Only equipment blooper on the day? A flat tire on the bike of film maker Paul!

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