Day 59, April 13

Miles today: 71

Miles Run so far: 2,459

Miles to go: 12

Adam got about four hours of sleep after his all-nighter and then started the day at 8 am with only 71 miles to go! He’s finally in double digits knocking them out one by one. The finish is so close we can smell the Atlantic! Along the morning route, he found his last roadside souvenir: A Georgia license plate! He’s found one in every state along the journey and it’s always a highlight when he comes into a pit stop with the found treasure! Now, we feel like we can officially finish. Throughout the day, Adam pushed on in great spirits with his eyes set on the finish line. The team is feeling the faster pace and we’re all eager to celebrate with Adam on the beach! His excitement to be done led him to continue walking and running all night long. Day 60: Looks like you are the final day! 


Day 60, April 14

Miles today: 12

Miles Run so far: 2,471

Miles to go: 0!!!

At 6 am this morning, Adam had already run through the night and had less than a half marathon to go. Only 12 miles left! He was ready to finish. He took a moment to tag his final border crossing on the journey: “Greetings to Tybee Island, Georgia!” The team could barely keep up with his pace and all the excitement of this big moment and the final day! Adam’s Gobi March pal, Andy Ott, and friend Craig joined in for four miles. Then, the two jumped out and Adam’s wife Karen joined him for the last 2.5 miles. Lastly, Adam’s crew jumped in with the two for the last .4 miles of his 2,471 mile coast-to-coast run. Everyone was so excited for Adam! Who knows what was going through Adam’s mind in this culminating moment for him. He was finally smelling the ocean and hearing the waves. The team curved around the bend to see the Tybee Island Lighthouse. We all knew these would be the final steps. Then, all seven of us made the final turn of the trans-con route onto Gulick Street which quickly led onto the boardwalk, and Adam finally hit the sand! Adam took off his shoes and the team walked with him a ways in the sand. Everyone slowed and he continued on solo walking toward his final destination: the Atlantic Ocean. We all watched and held our breath. Adam walked into the waves, took a moment looking out at the horizon, and then gave a deep victorious yell turning back to everyone on the beach! His family and friends had been there on the sidelines for the last mile cheering him on his way to the beach and now everyone was on the sand, too. The big crowd ran to congratulate Adam at the edge of the water. What a moment! Adam Kimble took 60 days to walk and run every step it takes to travel the 2,471 miles from the Pacific Ocean at Huntington Beach, California to the Atlantic Ocean at Tybee Island, Georgia. Congratulations Adam Kimble! You accomplished the impossible!

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