On the second episode of American Grit we find out that Kjoy ended the first evolution with frostbite on her foot . She discusses how her Yogi mentality will help her push through.

The Evolution

We start off with The Evolution. Cadre Tee reminds her team that they will be stronger without Chris who rang out last week. The evolution starts with a mini obstacle course where they need to collect two paddles. Once they collect their two paddles they
need to paddle a boat to a small island and grab a third paddle. The team that grabs the third paddle the fastest wins and is out of the Circus.

Cadre Nick decides to sit Kjoy out to make sure she can heal. Each team starts to strategize and the theme that comes out is efficiency. The first obstacle is an 8-foot wall. Each Cadre emphasizes teamwork and making sure you help each other up the wall.

The second obstacle is digging a trench under a log. Team Noah comes into this in the lead. But Team Roake takes the lead at the paddles. You have to work together to climb up a pole to get your paddles.

Once you have everything you have to work together to get the boat, paddles and yourself over the wall. Maria, from Team Nick, falls off the wall and  she knows that something is wrong. All three teams are in the water. Team Tee is having a problem with communication and falls further back.

Cadre Nick reminds us that he just wants to be able to beat a Navy Seal. They come back from commercial with Team Noah being in the lead. Clare has been on a boat as a fisherman for a long time and took control of her team. Their teamwork is evident on the course.

They learned that they have a choice, they either grab a case with the third paddle, adding 100 pounds to the boat or they use a rock to unlock a case thus giving them a third paddle to give them more power.

Team Noah continues to lead.

Team Nick and Rorke take the locked case instead of unlocking the paddle. Team Tee decides to unlock the third paddle.

Team Tee finds their rhythm and passes both Team Nick and Rorke. But it is not enough to overtake Team Noah who wins with evolution.

Noah commends his team for being able to bring it together. Team Tee puts it together and finish second. In a surprise, the team being lead by the Navy SEAL, finishes last.

Back at camp, they talk about the challenge. Team Rorke realizes that they let their Cadre down.  They also check back in with Maria who fell earlier in the evolution and she says her foot is un-walkable.

Maria admits she wants to be with her kids and is not certain she wants to be there. Cam comments that he questions Maria's motivation.



Cadre Rorke takes his team out for a run in the forest and he lets them know that he is not disappointed and they can come together. Team Noah gets together with John Cena. Cena is impressed with their teamwork. The other teams get together to discuss who is going in the circus.

Team Nick discusses the circus. Maria says she does not want to do it because of her injury and wants someone to step up. Cadre Nick says she needs to put things in perspective and realize she can do it.  Kjoy wants to go desipte her injury.

The teams meet with John to discuss the circus. John states that even if you can handle the obstcales the endurance platform will push you.

We learn who is going to the circus.

Team Tee is sending Brooke Van Paris (The Obstacle Course Junkie)

Team Rorke is sending Haze (The Daughter of a Marine)

Team Nick is sending despite her injury Kjoy

Cena sits down with the competitors going to the circus.

We learn from Brooke about not having use of her hands for two years after an accident. She wants to make people proud of her.  Cena lays out the facts to Kjoy about being the underdog because of her injury and she promises that it is not going to stop her. Cena tells Haze that she notices a rigidness and a discipline in her and they both agree it comes from her dad.

We get to the circus.

To remind you the circus is an obstacle course that will not change. It is the endurance platform that will test your will

It starts with 10 burpees and you will submerge yourself in ice water head to toe.

If you are the person who finishes the obstacle course first you will skip the first two rounds on the platform.

Haze takes the lead on the cargo net. Kjoy is conservative but doing well despite her injury.

Haze had a problem with the giant ladder, and fatigue set in early. But it still remained Brooke and Haze neck and neck through the balance beam and the rope bridge. Haze is the first to arrive.

They start with burpees (random comment, the burpees are not full on). Kjoy does the first round on her own for finishing third. Kjoy is already feeling fatigue. All three ladies are in the game now. After five rounds Brooke looks like she is struggling but keeps fighting. Until round 9 and in the middle of burpees Brooke actually passes out.

The medics come to check on Brooke. The cadre immediately surrounds her and takes care of her. Cadre Rorke explains that Brooke pushed herself to the limit of what she could take. The contestants truly showed their emotion. Cena tells everyone that Brooke will be okay and Cadre Tee is with her. He also explains that what he saw was nothing short of heroic.



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