Hesco Bone Frog

Bone Frog Challenge announced today a new partnership with HESCO Group as a Platinum Sponsor. The New England based company will now be known as the HESCO Bone Frog. Bone Frog Challenge now HESCO Bone Frog has been a staple in the New England area for year. This year the series is branching out from the northeast and heading to South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  The news hit Time Square today an advertisement and announcement of the new partnership hitting the jumbo tron. Below is the full press release.

Bone Frog Challenge is proud to announce HESCO Group as our new Platinum Sponsor, creating the HESCO Bone Frog. Based in the UK and the US, HESCO Group is a leader in rapidly deployable, earth-filled barrier systems. Renowned for their military force protection and flood defense capabilities, and recently launched ultra-light body armor for protecting first responders.

Brian Carney, Founder and CEO of Bone Frog Challenge, welcomes the partnership with Hesco;

“HESCO Bone Frog is truly a unique experience which will challenge even the highest calibre athletes as well as be welcoming to new OCR racers. With our 3 course options we truly have something for every racer and our Navy SEAL-style obstacles are the best in obstacle course racing. As SEALs, we have used HESCO products in Iraq and Afghanistan countless times and these products have even saved some of our lives. For this there is no better company for Bone Frog to partner with other than HESCO Group.”

The first HESCO Bone Frog will be held in New England on May 21st 2016 for Armed Forced Day.

About HESCO Bone Frog

HESCO Bone Frog events include Sprint, Challenge and TIER-1 races. Sprint races include 15+ Navy SEAL-style obstacles spread across a 3 to 4 mile course, Challenge races includes 36+ Navy SEAL-style obstacles spread across 9 miles, and TIER-1 races includes 56+ Navy SEAL-style obstacles spread across a 12 mile course.

With countless years of experience in military obstacle courses HESCO Bone Frog presents an Obstacle Course Race like no other – you will be pushed to the limit, and you will thirst for more!

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