Since the inception of BattleFrog’s BFX, there have been several changes to tighten and hone the design to accommodate the growing numbers. But since the very first representation, the one thing that the athletes have called out for, was mandatory obstacle completion.

Okay racers…you spoke, they listened.

We spoke to David Moore, BattleFrog’s wearer of many hats, including BFX Director about what all of this is going to entail. He watched closely during BFX24, and saw how successful the formula worked there, so he and Beard went into discussions about how they could incorporate it into every race.

Here is how it will work:

Every BFX racer will need to complete every obstacle – Eight Count Body Builders will not be an option at any station. However, in the case of specific obstacles (that will rotate based on the venue, terrain and layout), a penalty loop (details to be decided by the devious minds of the race director) will be an option. These will include some creative use of the racer’s time/energy/weight, which will cause them to lose time and allow those who do complete the obstacle to pass them. Once a racer is unable to complete an obstacle or penalty loop, their number will be called in, and they will be able to complete that loop, but as they enter the transition area, they will be brought off course.

Now before the cries of “But it is nearly impossible to do all the obstacles even TWICE!” become too deafening (that was certainly my first concern), there are a couple of caveats:

  • The athletes will be able to utilize the tiers on the obstacles, choosing easier tiers as they tire.
  • In addition, and more significantly, as was done at BFX24, athletes will be able to accept help from other athletes.
    • Does that mean you can ride another racer’s shoulders on the rig? David responded by saying that “The parameters as to what ‘help’ entails will be monitored closely as we implement this new concept. We will observe and make decisions as we learn.” Smart thinking.

BattleFrog is hoping this will inspire more athletes to work as a team and really draw on the spirit of working together that OCR is so loved for, outside the elite heats. Christopher “Beard” Acord was on hand to say this about that particular aspect of the change;

“You asked for it, we listened. I think this is a great evolution in the sanctity of the purist value in ‘racing what you love’. It is not about the outcome, but the journey that drives each and every BFX’er. Keep charging ahead – HOOYAH!”

Hello D.C – Effective Immediately!

Now the big question is, when will this take place? David told us that it will be effective immediately. As in – those of you signed up for the DC race, you can expect to be the flagship racers of this new rendering of BFX. And a big heads up for those of you who like to stroll in late to the briefing and take some of Beard’s wrath on, it is HIGHLY unadvised from this point forward, as the meeting will cover which obstacles will be attached to the penalty loops, and what those penalties will consist of.

Things just got (even more) real BFX’ers. To know what you have in store for you, well… Stronger With Every Step.

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