BattleFrog Series returned to ESPN at the end of this month for the second season of the BattleFrog College Championship. The series builds off of last season with 64 athletes from 16 colleges battling it out to claim the top prize. The show is set to air on June 30, July 1, and July 2 on ESPN at 8pm ET, June 30 – July 2 on ESPN U at 10pm ET, and July 6 on ESPN 2 at 7-9pm ET.

This season Arizona State University, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado University, Eastern Kentucky University, University of Florida, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, University of Illinois, Ole Miss, Syracuse University, Texas Christian University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Point, and finally the University of Wisconsin.

Last year it was West Point aka Army that took home the championships and you can be sure they are looking to claim the championship once again. A new batch of teams are ready to take that title from them as many teams return for season two and some new teams try for the title. Check out the first look below.


 BattleFrog College Championship

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