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The Until Life Makes Sense story begins with a song…

“Words have power, the ability to inspire or enlighten, to move us to tears or grace our faces with wide smiles. Words can give new meaning to our feelings, and give light to the passions or dreams we’ve hidden away on the bumpy road of Life.”

Mud Run Guide spoke with Justin Finck from Until Life Makes Sense about the company and the new partnership with Yancy Culp and Yancy Camp. Finck gave us a little more insight into the new movement and what is in store for the company.

From Finck,

The power of words really hit home with us.

When national recording artist, Graham Wilkinson, and I, his manager, were traveling to a music festival in Nashville, a line from one of Graham’s songs, Let It Go, really connected with the two best friends.  The line, “Laugh Until Life Makes Sense,” sparked a series of ideas about the journey of Life, and the actions that could help give it meaning.

With some 80 variations of the theme in hand by the time they landed, we knew we were onto something. And it was more than the expansion of a lyric. This was about a way of Life, about looking for meaning and a path of discovery. Heck, it was a philosophy about finding yourself, about making sense of your Life, on your terms.

And let’s face it, sometimes Life just isn’t easy. We saw a place where we could guide folks, help those overwhelmed by Life, by its heartache and beauty and unceasing demands, to realize that the key is in the moment—that moment each day you set aside to make sense of it all.

laces-TURQUOISE-vsole nvy hthr-greyWith the release of their website yesterday Until Life Makes Sense features three new “life makes sense” taglines with Laugh, Fish, and Run Until Life Makes Sense apparel options.

The team behind this new company has partnered with Yancy Culp of Yancy Camp as their Chief Inspirational Officer. Yancy is a husband, father, coach and leading influencer in the OCR, Run and Fitness communities is proud to join the movement. Culp had this to say about the partnership,

“The Until Life Makes Sense movement reeled me right in. I've dedicated so much of my life around helping people gravitate toward activities that help them mentally and physically. Life can definitely be a bumpy road and I've gravitated toward running for much of my life to help me make sense of it all but I had  never really dialed in my “why”. This movement truly helped me define my why.

When I'm out on the trails, I arrive to a place where it all comes together and makes sense. We want to bring communities of like-minded people together and help them define their why and outfit their journey but most importantly, we've learned that this movement helps open up the communication lines between people and helps give  purpose and definition.  

We know life can be ugly and messy sometimes and we encourage you to team with like-minded people as often as possible and go do what you love as often as possible.”

Check out the companies video and visit their Website and Facebook and join the “Until Life Makes Sense” Movement.

What do you want to do “until life makes sense”?

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