BattleFrog Makes Good on Refunds

Photo Credit: Leah Hensley

When BattleFrog Series recently announced they restructured the company last month and all future focus would be on their media offerings.  Many racers in the OCR industry were immediately worried if they would see refunds for canceled races. Many veteran OCR racers have seen this pattern before with a company basically closing shop and never paying refunds or other money owed.  However, in the last few days refunds, award checks, and more have been showing up in mailboxes around the country. Many have shared those checks on their social media accounts. BattleFrog Series is making good on its promises.

Mud Run Guide was in touch with Kevin Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at BattleFrog, yesterday regarding the refunds and the still outstanding virtual race swag and season pass holders. He followed up with these updates from BattleFrog Series.

Elite Point Series & Ambassadors

As of September 16, BattleFrog has completed processing most of the refunds for registrations as well as completed payments for the 2016 Elite Point Series. All payments to BattleFrog Ambassadors have been processed. 

Participants Who Paid By Credit Card

For those that may have had a credit card change since registering, your refund was sent to the original account.  Your bank will take care of re-routing the funds for you. 

Virtual Race

For those that registered for the Virtual Run that was held over the weekend of 8/20, all medals and shirts are being processed and will be shipped very soon.  There will be no refunds for the Virtual Run

Season Pass Holders

This week we are processing refunds for all season pass holders. 

Important Information For Those Who Registered Before January 18, 2016

On January 18, 2016, BattleFrog switched to Race IT as the registration service provider.  Upon announcement of the shutdown and declaring 30 days for refunds, all registrations prior to the switch were not able to be accomplished by crediting to the original card but will need to be completed by check. 

To speed up the process, we ask that anyone who purchased a registration prior to January 18, 2016 to please email with their registration confirmation and include their mailing address.  If your registration was purchased after January 18, we ask that you please double check your credit card for the refund before you contact us.  As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for us as we work diligently to process refunds and payments to everyone. We greatly appreciate your patience and consideration.

In the OCR landscape, we do not often see companies making good on their promises after closing the doors to events. This has not been the case with BattleFrog and those in the community are pleasantly surprised and happy to see BattleFrog follow through with their promises and not just cut and run, which has become all too familiar in the industry.

Mud Run Guide recently received this comment on the original article announcing the news of the company restructure.


This same sentiment has been echoed throughout the community. For those who were initially disappointed in the BattleFrog restructure, this makes the news sting a little less and offer hope for the future.

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