evanhammerIn August of 2016, Conquer the Gauntlet announced via their Facebook page the creation of Conquer Fitness. The facility will be opening in January 2017. Conquer Fitness is owned by the Mainprize Family owners of Conquer The Gauntlet race series.  Conquer Fitness will launch their OCR/Ninja/General fitness gym in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The training center will be a one-stop shop for all things OCR and fitness. The facility includes obstacles, free weights, cardio machines, plus classes. Whether an athlete is looking to get on a podium or just improve their general fitness, Conquer Fitness has it covered. One of the best ways to improve or lose weight is to set a goal like training for a race.

Training options include open gym if you are the type of person that likes to dictate your own training or formal classes if you prefer a group setting. Membership options include annual, monthly and day passes. The first 50 people to sign up a discounted rate for as long as they are members of the gym. Check for details and to sign up.





If you don’t live in Oklahoma, why should you care?

The first is if you are like me, then you probably travel a lot for races. I frequently pass through cities and like to stop for a workout to break things up. Conquer Fitness has day passes for those looking to try out the facility or for those only in town for a day.

Second, if you are looking for a reason to travel to a CTG race (currently primarily offered in the Midwest), you now have a second one. Traveling to their Tulsa race (typically held in late August) can be followed or preceded by a visit to Conquer Fitness.

Third, is if you are looking to specifically improve your ability for completing CTG obstacles, what better place is there than to train with the same obstacles built by the same designers as those you will face on the actual course. When training for OCR specificity is key and you won’t get more specific than this. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to practice these obstacles exactly how they appear on race day but you are fresh. Instead of running and having an elevated heart rate encountering a new obstacle, the gym gives you the opportunity to practice and work out your technique. Specialized trainers will also be available to assist you.

Conquer Fitness

pegatronFollow Conquer Fitness Facebook page to keep up with the latest developments. Long term plans include having seminars, guest trainers and internal competitions in additions to their normal array of classes. Furthermore, be sure to sign up for the CTG Virtual Event to get a sneak peak at the gym along with training tips from some of the best coaches for completing obstacles.

What better place to learn than from the hometown of one of the most innovative OCR courses in the country. And who better to learn from than the trainers who helped the athletes of the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team, who have been on the podium almost every weekend in 2016, been on the podium at OCR World Championships along with World’s Toughest Mudder, authors of numerous training articles and have appeared on numerous TV shows (Broken Skull Ranch, American Ninja Warrior, BattleFrog League Championships and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge).

Conquer Fitness opens in January of 2017. Don’t miss the grand opening of Tulsa’s first and only OCR/Ninja gym. It is going to be an epic OCR party!


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