Oops, I did it again.

Winners rise to the challenge, right? Unfortunately, my current pattern with difficult challenges includes a disproportionate amount of quitting… does that make me a loser?

Quitting can surely be the right move – when dealing with destructive behaviours like excessive drinking, smoking, etc. Quitting can also be a productive way to exit a no-win situation and focus your efforts in places where you can benefit the most, as Seth Godin covered very well in his short book The Dip.

Quitting can also become a habit, a crutch, or a safety blanket when you look for an escape route from nearly any situation; this seems to be my course of action as of late – and it's becoming difficult for me to quit quitting.

Quitting: A Trend

World's Toughest Mudder 2015 was an absolute mess for me; and when the sun went down and I started to shiver, quitting seemed like a smart idea. 20 minutes later, when my calves seized up in massive cramps after hitting the trampoline on Tramp Stamp, quitting was the only option. It was the right move, of course, as my cold exposure had gotten pretty bad and I needed plenty of help in the med tent to get my body back up to a reasonable operating temperature.

Since then, I've been less motivated than any other time in the last 16 years since I started getting in shape. I've quit on business ventures, daily activity and following a healthy nutritional plan, bounced out of a reality TV show I'd been cast for, and yesterday I said “nope” to a marathon I'd signed up for with friends about a year ago and dragged my family all the way to Florida for.

In all those situations, there were more factors at play than simply a “do it/quit” decision, but ultimately I chose to quit rather than push myself harder to get it done. This surprises and distresses me, because in my heart I feel it's just not “me” behavior.

This week, I even “quit” this SmashPlan before it began – by pushing it back a week so I could handle a family vacation over New Year's, and with the expectation that I'd complete the marathon I'd planned on as well – it's never a good idea to change your nutrition dramatically right before an endurance event.

Quit Quitting: My 2017 Goal

With the (re) launch of this SmashPlan fitness and nutritional plan on Tuesday 1/10, I'm focusing on at least one early goal for 2017; working hard to complete a challenge.

This is my time to get my ass back on track and face down a challenge. Let's do this!

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