We at Mud Run Guide are committed to bringing the OCR industry accurate and timely news to the growing community. Since 2012, Mud Run Guide has been obsessively committed to our audience bringing news in formats that are portable and accessible to the industry. Today, we announce a first in the OCR industry, a new weekly news podcast called OCR News Weekly.

OCR News Weekly is starting February 2, 2017. The weekly news podcast brings the stories from around the industry to your ears. Each episode will contain the top stories from the headlines in the obstacle racing, ninja warrior, and extreme endurance world.

As the sport of Obstacle Course Racing has grown over the last 5-6 years, so have all the sources for information, training, news, gear, athlete tips & tricks, event updates, and the like – and Mud Run Guide is thrilled to be a big part of it!

With the help of the award-winning Margaret Schlachter, our editor-in-chief and founder of Dirt in Your Skirt, we’ve developed a new, fun, quick podcast to cut through all the noise and give you the scoop on the sport you love – OCR News Weekly!

Brett Stewart, Co-Founder Mud Run Guide

OCR News Weekly hosted by our Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Schlachter will round up the news from around the world and present it in a short 15-20 minute weekly podcast. Podcasting is one of the fastest growing media mediums in the world with more and more people consuming content each week.

On average people commute about 25 minutes a day. This podcast will be a fantastic way for fans to stay on top of all the news while they are on their daily commute. I am excited to take what I have learned from the Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast and transfer that to a weekly news podcast. In many ways this is an extension of what Brett Stewart and myself originally wanted with Obstacle and Adventure Weekly, but soon found that the video format was a bit ahead of it's time when we started it in 2013.

I love podcasting and love bringing OCR news to the industry. This offers me personally a chance to do both and help continue to support the OCR industry and community.

Margaret Schlachter, Editor-in-Chief

Unlike available OCR podcasts available OCR News focus is not on long-form interviews but instead on presenting the news of the week in a short and condensed format. The podcasts will produce new episodes on Thursday's and are hosted on the Mud Run Guide website and your favorite podcast players. Look for the first episode on February 2 on Mud Run Guide and additional episodes weekly on your favorite players.

A quick introduction to the show.

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