My SmashPlan week 2 nearly came to a screeching halt for 3 reasons:

  1. I screwed up on Thursday and completely forgot to bring along a SmashPack while we were “running errands” that turned into a nearly 6-hour car lease-swap out of left field.
  2. I realized at almost 10pm that I'd missed my daily run due to my crazy day.
  3. I nearly got my ass flattened by a car that blew a stop sign during my run. Again. Actually, twice if you include the crosswalk.

Lesson Learned – Pack a ‘Pack

The first one was easy to fix; with SmashPack I have one of the easiest portable meal solutions possible, yet I still neglected to grab one on the way out the door. Since I'm a “screw up once and learn my lesson for next time” guy, I'm a little glad I learned my lesson and didn't let my ravenous hunger get out of control. Even though we stopped at my favorite Mexican joint, I kept well within my calories for the day seeing as I missed breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and it was now dinner time. With a couple rice cakes later at night, I came in well under 1200 kcal.

Aside from yesterday's lack of planning, I've been eating 2 SmashPacks daily for the past couple of weeks, and I still enjoy the taste, consistency, and portability – I believe I've even figured out the best way to squeeze out every drop while at my desk or driving. One thing I've noticed (and think SmashPack should highlight more in their marketing) is how satisfied and filling a single packet can be. Seriously, for 180 calories you can get 3-4 bites out of a small granola bar and still be hungry, or get topped off properly with a substantial serving in one packet. Don't get me wrong, I like granola bars as an in-between meal snack, but the SmashPack feels more like an actual meal replacement.

Keeping the Streak Alive

Once again, do as I say, not as I do. Running or exercising in the morning is a *great* idea to get it out of the way before the craziness of the day takes over, and while I got totally caught off-guard with how long it took to for a simple car service appointment to somehow turn into a new vehicle (long story). Anyway, I didn't realize until late that night when I'd already begun winding down and getting comfortable that I'd completely missed my run and was endangering my streak of running every day. Yes, it would have been WAY easier to let it slip and not head out in the rain for a 5k run, but I'm done quitting on my goals and the bigger picture is worth these little inconveniences to keep my momentum.

Don't Kill Me. Please.

“this 1 second that I save by breaking the law and not stopping is absolutely worth killing a runner, a cyclist, a dog – or even a kid” – [This must be some driver's mentality]

For the umpteenth time, I was nearly killed by a car running a stop sign. Now, I've actually been hit and thrown across a hood at least twice in the past, and have been extremely lucky to avoid injury. Learning from those experiences, I now take a great deal of caution at intersections.

Last night, I was completely in my rights as a pedestrian to cross the mouth of a road in my own neighborhood without having to fear for my life, but I paused at the corner of the sidewalk due to the speed of the car approaching the stop sign – that made very, very little attempt to stop before turning right and jumping on the gas again.

Had I stepped off the curb, I'd be extremely lucky to be writing this, and most likely would be doing so from a hospital bed. There's a good chance I may even be dead.

It's a $#^&*@ stop sign!! STOP!! It's not a “pause, look for a car, and blow through because no one is watching” sign nor is it a “this 1 second that I save by breaking the law and not stopping is absolutely worth killing a runner, a cyclist, a dog – or even a kid” sign.

Let me be clear, this is not a simple one-time “mistake”, it a a repeated habit that many of us keep doing until you either get hit something or someone – I just hope for the driver's sake they don't need to badly injure or kill a kid just to learn their lesson.

I'm Alive, On-Track, and Feeling Great

Aside from the 3 “issues” above, this has been a great couple of weeks, and I'm loving the program so far. My energy level has been great, all my clothes are starting to fit a little better and I can tell my belly is a little flatter. I haven't jumped on a scale yet, but that's the least important part to me – feeling good, looking slimmer, and performing fine is what I'm going for, and that's all right on-track!

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