Mud Run Guide has been battle-central over the last 2 weeks, as soon as The Pats (easily) ripped apart the Steel Curtain and The “Dirty Birds” squashed some Cheeseheads, Chris and Brett have all but turned into bitter enemies. You see, Mr. Stewart hails from New England while Mr. Lewis makes his home in Atlanta. The tension is palpable, and conference calls have become verbal warfare with jabs from both sides:

Brady's a cleft-chinned Adonis, not a quarterback! Go back to your supermodel wife and deflated balls! – Lewis*

Matty Ice? More like Matty “Nice” with all the community service he performs – he's only good swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity! – Stewart

(Apparently, we both need some real help with our trash-talk)

On top of all this madness, former SEAL Brian Carney from BONEFROG added to the mayhem – a veritable “Go Frog or Go Home” contest designed to rip Brett and Chris' partnership apart at the seams – and you all have a chance to play along!

WIN, LOSE, or FROG Contest

Patriots or Falcons? If your teams wins, so do you! – Enter Now!

Grand Prize:
A 2017 BONEFROG Season's Pass
One winner will be drawn at random from those who selected the winning team of Super Bowl LI to receive a Season's Pass for all 2017 BONEFROG events!First Prize:
50% off any 2017 BONEFROG
Everyone who selected the winning team of Super Bowl LI will receive a 50% off code for all 2017 events via email from BONEFROG.Consolation Prize:
25% off any 2017 BONEFROG
Even if you totally whiffed in the winning team of Super Bowl LI, you still win! Look in your email for a 25% off code for all 2017 events via email from BONEFROG.

Here's how it works – Click here and pick the Patriots or Falcons and be entered to WIN!
*at no point in the history of Chris did he ever say something like this. Ever.
Legal Disclaimer: Win, Lose, or Frog contest is conducted entirely by BONEFROG, entry is free and no gambling on the outcome of Super Bowl LI is condoned by, or permitted along with this contest. Contact for more details.

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