The team behind the OCR World Championships is creating a OCR 24 Hour Enduro Championship, to take place outside of Sydney Australia on June 9-10, 2018. Details are still scarce at this point, but expect more details to be available by the time registration opens on August 1st.

From Adrian Bijanada, founder of OCR World Championships and US OCR Championships:

Four years ago, while trying to launch the OCRWC, I randomly reached out to a event series in Australia about becoming a qualifying race partner, to which they eventually agreed (perhaps reluctantly!)

Two years later, I personally had a chance to visit one of their premier events, the True Grit 24 Hour Enduro, during which I became captivated with the city of Sydney (and the “bush” as they call it!), the Aussie OCR community, this special event and the team behind it.

Since then, it's been two long years of planning, collaborating, and patiently waiting to bring another athlete-focused international race to life.

So today, I couldn't be more thrilled to unveil a new event made possible by the True Grit team and Destination New South Wales: the first OCR World Championships 24-Hour Enduro, coming to Sydney, Australia in June 2018. The addition of long format endurance championship will create a new Dual Crown title when paired with the 15k event at OCRWC. This title will apply to both Pro and Age Group winners and will come with extra prize incentives for winners.

We've created this event in the vein of our #athletesfirst initiative, by keeping it affordable while also trying to deliver the same level of experience athletes have come to expect from the OCRWC.

Reg opens August 1st, with additional details coming over the next few days.


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