Two weeks ago Team BEASTMODE Barbie was all over social media as they approached their evening of guts, glory, and gore on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge. The ladies took those bonds of friendship from the set to the beach and last week, many of them went onto OCRWC in Canada. This week, the spotlight switches to a new set of girls on Broken Skull Challenge. But who are they? Unlike Ms. Van Paris and crew, this latest group of eight is curiously silent. Does that mean they hate each other? Will there be blood on the course tonight? One thing is for sure. There were a ton of F-bombs dropped on the course and Steve ate them up. BOOM!

Arely and Krystin were up first. Tough talk and power are good for entertainment. But as I have noted over the years of this show, you better be able to wrestle. Arely bested Krytsin in Rip Off to move on to round two.

Sarah and Beth, the two tallest girls, were up next. Beth, the taller, went down harder.

Timmie and Erin were next. This was OCR pro versus F-bomb. Timmie started on top, stayed on top, and got both bands. She broke free but Erin grabbed her and took her down in a very painful looking snap of the neck. Timmie got on top again with both bands still intact. Erin finally got worn down and lost the bell.

Jennette and Jesse were the final two and they clashed hard at the start. Both girls managed to get both bands. On the release, Jennette the stay-at-home mom won the race to the bell.

The next round, Hoisted, requires huge power. As we saw last week, some of these barrels outweighed the opponents. Timmie and Jennette went first. Even though sand pours out making the barrels lighter, the rate seems slow, making this a brutal obstacle. Jennette, the powerhouse mom, blasted through and won.

Sarah and Arely went next. Arely is only 4’11” and she started pulling first. She pulled the first set up first. She got the second set first but the work wore on her. Sarah got to the third pull with Arely gasping for air and struggling to pull the last few feet. They were within inches of each other when Arely saw the peril and put her heart into the victory.

The two smallest girls went to round three. Mom and Boom headed to the Pit. How much gas did they have left for Tire Change? The first few flips were awkward for both girls so they stayed in sync through the first tire. Arely started to struggle with tire #2 at the top of the ramp.   Then both girls rolled tire #3 up and over the top. They entered the pit with very little rest and went right to it. Jennette was on top but was not really in control. Arely reversed and got control of Jennette’s arm, pushed her hand down, and it barely swiped the dust. But that was enough to walk down the road.

Steve told Arely she would have to be an atom bomb today in order to beat the Skull Buster. Dynamite was good enough to win yesterday. Did Arely have the power to mass ratio to explode through this course and beat Cassidy? The time was 7:52. Cassidy laid down some trash talk and Arely was on her way.

From my observation, athletes win or lose this challenge in two places: the quarter-mile log carry or the cold water. Arely, unfortunately, did not have control on that first obstacle. Powerful core and legs are needed to do this one. It is hard. Arely made it in just over two minutes. To make up time, she mistakenly overextended her reaches on the cargo net. That’s where seconds are lost. She got the frame down at just under four minutes. Seventeen thousand pounds of shipping container push were next. She drove through with intensity but it expended another 45 seconds. The landing pads were very long jumps for her 4’11” frame. She did it and went to Rainmaker.

I’m afraid this might cramp her up. She was clearly gassed as her next movements betrayed a lot of extra contact, hard impacts, and wasted movement. She fell hard in between the tires and Steve called for the medic to pull her safely out of the water. Arely got out on her own power but her legs were jelly. Her heart was in it but her body was spent.

She stood proudly and walked off to train and race another day. Cassidy upped her take to $70,000 and will be back in two weeks for episode six.

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