Amber Myers is a passionate mother who uses food to keep her family healthy, and exercise to build her own fitness and strength. I reached out to Amber for this article series, as I wanted a different perspective in regards to being a “Badass”. Not everyone in this spot is a “seasoned” veteran, and I am always excited to share the beginning stories of athletes that are falling in love with our sport with a new set of eyes. Please enjoy getting to know Amber just a little better, as I have a feeling that huge OCR related wins are in her future.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Amber, I'm a stay at home mom/wife, I have a passion for food, growing it ourselves, using it as medicine, and I also love fitness to build strength and relieve stress.

Have you always considered yourself to be athletic?

Not at all, I only played 1 year of volleyball in high school and didn't really try hard. I have always loved watching sports, but it wasn't until last year that I started trying to see what I could do in the fitness world

How did you find out about OCR initially?

I got invited to do a spartan race when I was newly pregnant with my daughter, the morning sickness was so bad I couldn't come through. Fast forward to 1-year post-partum and I finally tried my first race, and within a year of my first race I qualified for the Spartan North American Championships

How did you find out about the BEASTS OCR team and what made you decide to join?

Seeing them in Portland for my first race last year, I wanted friendships, support, and people to learn from. I want to be the best, so I joined the best. This team has the best support, best advice, and the best laughs I've had in some time. They really care about me and all the racers, that's hard to find.

What was your first race? please tell us about it.

Portland Sprint last year, it was rough. I was battling my autoimmune issue full on, I was in pain, super limited diet, I was underweight, but I felt so liberated and empowered during the race, I forgot about it all. I ran with one of my best friends which made it even better for me.


What has been the hardest physically and mentally challenging race you have done so far and why?

My health. I recover slower than most people and I get into my own head that if I do too much I'll get myself sick again but if I don’t do enough I'll lose all my strength and endurance, I can be hard on myself.

When planning your race season, do you plan ahead or sign up for races on the fly?

I am a planner, all of my moves are premeditated and carefully trained for with the exception of race weekends where I am signed up for a race sometimes I'll do an extra lap at the last minute.

What is the one most challenging obstacle you face on a race course?

The twister and learning to pace myself for the running

What is one of your more prouder racing achievements?

The Portland sprint this year, I placed 10th where I qualified for the championships and I only failed the spear, I ran it twice that day and still only failed the spear both laps. Maybe it's the spear that gives me the most grief lol.

What is the one specific skill or mindset that you have developed during your racing career that you feel is key for every racer/obstacle course athlete?

Mental toughness. You get tired and you start pulling out excuses to stop or slow down and in most races we leave so much more in the tank and I have felt the regret of that, I'll never do it again.

Is there a specific nutrition or training tip that you are comfortable sharing?

I follow a Pegan diet, a marriage of vegan and paleo. I eat meat but due to the autoimmune issues I don’t eat, milk, eggs, or grains. We eat a lot of vegetables, potatoes, and meat with good fats over it all

If you are comfortable, please share with us your future racing plans/goals.

I plan to keep going and get that invite back to the North America championship and take the invite next time. I will make it.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I know everyone has their own way of training, but I am one of those who train best alone at home with my own weights and runs solo. I have a great coach who I see once a month and I get training plans from him. However, you train, you can make your dreams come true. I want to inspire those who are outside of a gym setting wondering if they can do it, you can.

What is the best way on social media to find you?

My Instagram account @aly_moe


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