Wreck Ribs shown on a 70 lbs. Wreck Bag.

When I think of sandbags and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), there is only one brand that comes to mind, Wreck Bag. However, Wreck Bag isn’t a sandbag, it’s actually a weighted bag filled with little rubber pellets making it better than a sandbag since it won’t get moldy and doesn’t gain weight when wet. Personally, I own a 70 lbs. one and wanted to try out some of their Wreckcessories (their name for Wreck Bag accessories that can be added to their product), so I picked up Wreck Ribs.


I’ve had my Wreck Ribs for almost two years now and despite frequent use, it still looks brand new without any major damage. The product is made of heavy-duty polypropylene webbing making it capable of surviving the toughest conditions that OCR athletes can throw at it.

Wreck Ribs shown without Wreck Bag.


The product is very simple to use. You lay it on the ground, throw your Wreck Bag on to top of it and then secure it in place using heavy duty Velcro straps. Once secured, you now have an additional set of handles to use with your Wreck Bag for training.

Aaron Parker giving the Wreck Ribs a test run.

Counter Arguments:

Some of you may be thinking, “Why don’t I just buy a sandbag that comes with more handles than a normal Wreck Bag?” There are a couple of good reasons, I would recommend Wreck Bag over some other brands.

  1. As stated in the intro, Wreck Bags are filled with rubber beads, not sand. This helps prevent things like mold from growing in/on your bag and also ensures the weight on the bag is the weight you are carrying even in wet conditions.
  2. Specificity. At the North American OCR Championships, OCR Championships and other popular events (Newbsanity, Terrain Race, etc.), Wreck Bag is the actual product used during the race. I like to train with the same conditions, handholds and feel that I will experience during the race. This makes Wreck Bag the perfect tool for that, however, the Wreck Ribs add a level of versatility that doesn’t come with the traditional Wreck Bag for only a couple dollars more.


At $29.95, the price is a marginal addition to the cost of your Wreck Bag. Plus it is a great gift idea for the OCR athlete for birthdays, holidays or just celebrating another successful race.

KCOCR's Aaron Parker grabbing Wreck Ribs during one of the group's weekly workouts.


I really enjoy the addition of the Wreck Ribs to my Wreck Bag. I personally like to use my Wreck Bag for hill repeats, training on an inclined treadmill and also carrying it when mowing the grass. The Wreck Ribs make getting the bag on my shoulder more convenient when doing these activities plus it unlocks a whole range of training options including things like bent over rows, overhead presses, farmers carries or just a more comfortable way to carry your bag. Do yourself a favor and #GetWreckd with some Wreck Ribs.


Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Evan Perperis using the Wreck Ribs for hill repeats preparing for World's Toughest Mudder.



Overall 4/5 stars

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