You never know who you will see at an obstacle course race. This past weekend participants at the Tough Mudder SoCal were surprised when Mario Lopez showed up at the start line. Lopez spent the day encouraging racers and coaching them through some of Tough Mudders signature obstacles.

For athletes of a certain age, Mario Lopez represents adolescence watching him for years on the hit show Saved By The Bell. Over the weekend, Lopez was seen coaching participants through some of the most difficult obstacles on the course and surprised others at the finish line – crowning them with their finisher headbands.

Lopez is far from the first actor or celebrity to take on an obstacle course race, but every time it happens there is always an added excitement to the day. Mud Run Guide is gearing up this week for the upcoming World's Toughest Mudder. We will be on the ground providing coverage throughout the entire weekend. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds for updates starting Friday.


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