Growing up, the neighborhood kids always chose one backyard above all others to play in.  For flashlight tag on starry summer nights, that was my backyard.  Mine had the most space, tallest trees, and deepest hedges to hide in.

4 Star Obstacles of Hagerstown, MD

That’s what 4 Star Obstacles in Hagerstown, MD is like.  This is the place where all the kids want to play because they have the most toys.

4 Star Obstacles is a ninja/parkour/OCR owned and operated by Brian Cooper and Josh Ramsburg. 4 Star grew out of a backyard experience that finally demanded a permanent space where Brian and Josh could offer their skills and fitness opportunities to the community.  It was like a late summer night, well past 10pm and just getting dark.  Everyone was just starting to have fun when all the moms would yell out the back doors that it was time to come home for bed.  Sure enough, mom kicked Brian and Josh out of the backyard and into their present location where they are looking to soon expand because lots more kids want to come over and play.

A very flexible design – never the same course twice!

Silk straps and spider walls for the ninjas

Very cool parkour designs

I say “kids” loosely.  This gym is for all ages.  Classes and open times are offered for all age ranges.  I spent most of my afternoon with a young man named Tim who showed me a thing or two.  He’s a long-time member and trusted co-trainer.  Incredibly strong and nimble, he’s just coming into his prime.  Check out this huge vertical!

Brian and Josh enjoy designing awesome obstacle courses which they keep flexible so they can always up the challenge.  Brian also likes to involve his artistic talents in the gym. He designed the logo, artwork, and posters seen around the gym.  Tim proudly told me he is the star of this poster of Brian’s design.

4 Star Merch and Brian's poster artwork

Brian and Josh bring huge athletic and coaching talent as well.  Combined, they have over twenty years of experience and education in the ninja/parkour/OCR arts.  Add their certifications and numerous appearances on ANW and you have a first class location to train with top men in the profession.

Co-owner Brian helps some parents and new clients

Brian setting up the course for the mini-ninjas

The world is your playground.  If you travel a lot for business like I do, then do some homework before you leave so you know where to train while on the road.  Mud Run Guide lists 4 Star Obstacles along with hundreds of other ninja/parkour/OCR gyms around the country.

You can also find 4 Star Obstacles on Facebook and the Web.  Spring is here so get out and play at 4 Star Obstacles because Mud Run Guide rates them 5 for 5!

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