I travel a lot for worth and for business.  This means sometimes my schedule is erratic and my access to training equipment is inconsistent.  With different environments and unique training opportunities, I wanted a workout resource that was as flexible as my schedule.

That’s where “Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team Obstacle Course Racing Workouts To Go” comes in.  The book, available in digital format only is a list of 75+ workouts that you can download to the Kindle app on your phone.  This means you always have a list of workouts you can plug into your training schedule based on your goal or what you have available.

After a couple of page introduction, the book jumps into the most important part, the workouts.  The first two chapters focused on your running goals with 10+ workouts each (10 workouts that can be adjusted to beginner/intermediate/advanced) options.  One for VO2max for those focused on shorter races and one for Lactate Threshold for longer races.  These can be done outdoors or on a treadmill.

Pro workouts to go include OCR/ninja gym specific workouts that can be conducted at gyms like Obstacle Athletics in Deer Park, Long Island New York.

The rest of the chapters are organized based on training location/equipment available and include:

     Staircase Workouts
     Sandbag Workouts
     Hotel Gym Workouts
     Playground Workouts
     Gym Workouts
     Functional Fitness Gym Workouts
     Unique Locations (Ninja, Climbing, Obstacles)

This gives you plenty of options to find something that fits what equipment you have available.  You’ll find most of the workouts are scalable based off your fitness level allowing for continuous improvement as you master each one.

The workouts were written by current and past members of the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team providing their tips that have led them to success including things from the finals of American Ninja Warrior, winning the coveted Conquer The Gauntlet metal glove, to the podium of international events like North American OCR Championships / OCR World Championships and even to the podiums of world championship ultra-events.

For those looking for a more flexible approach to training instead of rigidly following a plan or want to take an existing training plan you are following providing it with a focused boost on one of your weaknesses, you’ll love this training book.  It is specifically published in digital format so you can always carry it with you on your phone providing immediate access.

Train hard, train consistently and I look forward to seeing you back on the course later in 2020!

Michelle, Randi Pegatron and Evan stairway pic provided by Stoke Shed.

Nathan Palmer picture provided by Nathan.

Randi Lackey gym picture provided by Randi.

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