When deciding on virtual events, the list can literally be overwhelming, reference Mud Run Guide’s complete list.  However, occasionally one comes along that breaks the mold and stands out.  An event like Blind Man Running is one of those “outside the box” type virtual runs that you need to try.

Blind Man Running is a series of virtual events started by Blind Pete Cossaboon, the only visually impaired athlete that I know of who tackles anything and everything in the Obstacles Course Racing (OCR) world.  From finishing several Spartan Ultra-Beasts to running 45 miles at World’s along with completing events like OCR World Championships and Conquer The Gauntlet Pete has been there and done that.  However, running visually impaired (aka completely blind) is a different experience and Pete wants to share this unique challenge with you.

He recently ran two virtual events which recently closed but there are more coming:

Watch the Water Challenge:

After signing up to get your official blindfold, I grabbed a large plastic cup of water.  The challenge was “simple”, pick five exercises for your challenge, then in a repeating fashion: Do 10 repetitions of your first exercise, move the cup from right to left.  Repeat for your next exercise (10 reps) moving the cup back from left to right.  You can stop when you’ve done 5 rounds of (5 exercises, 10 repetitions per set, moving the water after each set).

I did pullups, an Atomik Climbing Holds balance board movement, flutter kicks, mountain climbers and pushups.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I became disoriented but managed to make it almost four rounds before eventually knocking over my water cup.  Even with physical cues to guide me (I hung a weight belt on the wall so I could find the pull-up bar and some smaller Atomik balance boards on the ground to find my water cup) it was still very challenging.  My five-year-old daughter had a great time laughing at her dad fumbling around “in the dark”.  My Strength & Speed teammate Brenna Calvert agreed that this was a challenge unlike any other.

1 mile or 5k Blind Running: The challenge was simple.  Get your official blindfold and bib.  Grab a trusted friend and go for a 1-mile run.  I know you’re thinking 1 mile sounds easy and if it is you can opt for the 5k option.  Either way, I think you’ll find that blind running isn’t so easy.

Conquer The Gauntlet Pros Doug Snyder and Lisa Nondorf jumped in on this challenge.  Suddenly you realize how hard things become as they each took turns guiding one another through a 1-mile run.  When you say “there’s a small hill coming up” is that a short but steep hill? A long but slowly rising hill? How long is it? How much of a grade?  These suddenly aren’t so simple anymore.

CTG Pros Doug and Lisa testing out the blind run on a windy day at the beach.

Continue to follow Blind Man Running on Facebook and Blind Pete’s personal page to stay up to date with new challenges coming out.   There are some new events scheduled at the end of this month that will be funny both for those participating and those watching on social media.  Keep your eyes open for the upcoming Selfie Time 1 mile and 5k as well as the Strike a Selfie Challenge.  The pictures are going to be amazing so be sure to share publicly and tag Bling Man Running.  I guarantee you’ll have fun, gain a new appreciation for athletes like Blind Pete and find a unique way to challenge yourself in a year with limited races.

5/5 stars

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