I’m just a bit rusty at writing since my last MRG article on February 3, 2020.  But if your body is rusty, sore, or broken, then you may want to check into Restore Hyper Wellness & Cryotherapy.  I visited there this past Saturday morning after clicking an offer on Facebook.  They invited me in for a tour of their Marlton, NJ facility.  Then after the tour they gave me the Squeeze and Freeze treatment.  I’m glad you asked, because they offer that and a whole lot more.

The welcoming entrance to Restore Marlton

Krista met me at the front of this newly opened franchise location.  It’s the one and only in New Jersey with plans to open five more soon.  She took me around the spotless facility and explained each room and the basic procedure done there.  The recliners up front were for compression therapy.  Off to the left a staff RN offered various IV drips.  Then down the hall there were changing rooms that opened to the cryotherapy chamber.  Across the hall was a stretching room with a cryo tank for spot treatments.  Nest to that was a hyperbaric oxygen therapy tank.   Down the end was an IR sauna.  Finally, there was a Joovv light treatment room.

The IV drip area managed by a staff RN

As I took the nickel tour, a steady stream of clients came in and out.  Athletes of all ages, sports, and levels come here to restore, rejuvenate, and reclaim their mobility, flexibility, and performance edge.  Krista handed me a menu that listed all these options and more.  I told her about my background in OCR and then explained my workout I did that morning and how I felt now, about an hour later.  With a degree in Exercise Science (and going for her Master’s, along with D1 experience in multiple sports), Krista knew where I was coming from and what treatment would help me recover best.  So off to the Squeeze and Freeze I went.

Part 1 of Squeeze and Freeze

She fitted me into a pair of NormaTec Recovery System leg sleeves.  I first saw these about a year ago when I met Evan Perperis at Otherworld Gym.  If they were good enough for Special Forces, then they were good enough for me.  It was like getting a solid half-hour massage up and down the legs.  Wonderful.  Got the blood flowing and pushed out the lactic acid.

Krista zipping me into the NormaTec boots

While that was going on, Steve, the owner, stopped by to chat.  Steve bought into Restore because he was looking for a solution to his own aches and pains after playing football for Army, then serving for sixteen years.  He is a faithful user of his own products here and now he moves around like he’s twenty years old again.

Part of the fabulous team at Restore Marlton (Steve at far left)

After my Squeeze sesh was over, he walked me to the changing room where he explained the prep for the Freeze portion.  I exited the back door leaving my earthly goods in a safely locked room.  Steve explained every step of what I would do, what I would feel, and what to expect.  He set the cryo system to Beginner, a three-minute session of -166F full-body chilling.  This was total immersion in a dry system.  I wore gloves, socks, and slippers to keep my extremities from falling off.  He kept the window open and talked me through the process while Frank Sinatra crooned through a speaker inside the chamber.

The stand-up, full immersion cryo chamber

When it was over, I stepped out and he took my skin temperature.  Just before getting in, I was around 96 something.  Immediate the exit I was about 66.  With that, my body began adjusting back to its normal self-regulated state, burning roughly 800 calories in the process.  Nice side benefit.  Except for the shivering it felt very relaxing.


Overall, this was a very generous offering for first-time potential clients like me to come in and experience recovery in a way that is probably very new and unexpected.  For example, there are many other things offered here that would not be available at this free introduction.  The IV drips are exactly that.  Administered by a staff Registered Nurse, IVs are offered for metabolism, energy, detox, and hydration just to name a few.

Recovery doesn't get any better than this

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBOT) can be a game-changer for athletes who have suffered one or more concussions. The therapy has shown great results in providing relief for auto-immune issues, Lymes disease, Krohn’s disease and post-operation healing. The oxygen therapy of course helps speed the body’s delivery of its healing elements to needed areas.


The Joovv red light therapy is a non-invasive panel of tuned wavelength light that is also reported to help athletes’ muscles to recover faster.  Steve pointed out that there may be much more to this than just recovery.  Ben Greenfield, in one of his podcasts, opined that this therapy was so effective and gave such a recovery and performance enhancement that it probably could be banned from Olympic athletes.


The end of my time of course was a no-pressure chat about the various memberships available.  I was very impressed with the professional and friendly staff, the facility cleanliness, and the variety of things they offered.  I was very pleased to see clients coming and going while I was there.  It was a great sign not only for their personal recovery, but also the recovery of businesses like these that are all slowly coming back to life.


If you want to learn more about Restore, they are on the internet here:




Facebook: @restoremarltonnj or to find a facility near you: @RestoreHyperWellness


Instagram: restorehyperwellness


Mud Run Guide welcomes Restore Hyper Wellness & Cryotherapy Marlton with 5 stars out of 5.

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