While 2020 has barely hosted any obstacle course races, that doesn't mean that building the future of OCR is completely back-burnered. During the past 6 months, our sister company, Adventure Fitness, has been busy designing and building military-spec courses, ROTC & JROTC courses, and training facilities all over the USA. Their most recent build was this past week in Laredo, TX for Laredo Independent School District at the city's oldest high school, Martin HS.

ADV.FIT brought together a team of experts from all over the sport of OCR; Bobby Shelton of Shelton's Home Services who has been an integral part of North American OCR Champs, the CrossFit Games, and more along with Sidney Morris of Battle Races who is an OCR World Championships and NorAm crew member. Rounding out the A-Team was David Mainprize of Conquer Youth, and was an original founder of Conquer The Gauntlet. Mud Run Guide's own Brett Stewart, er, me, headed up the project and designed the course, and refined the specs and materials for all 26 obstacles.



JROTC & ROTC provide mental and physical training for cadets nationwide to develop confidence, skills, fitness, and the ability to overcome adversity and challenges in everyday life. While many of us civilians who have never enlisted do not have the “boot camp” experience, OCR has given many of us a taste of military preparedness – JROTC and ROTC are obviously much more immersive and program-based.

We're thrilled to play a part in developing more physically fit students and equipping them with skills to stand up to and defeat any challenge.

To learn more about Adventure Fitness and inquire about military-spec courses for your school, university, or training center (or home!) check 'em out at http://adv.fit

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