If you have been following the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) news recently, you may have heard of the new series Battle of the Lions (BOTL).  Actually, BOTL is more of a new collaboration than a new series.  The owners are Battle OCR’s Sidney Morris and Young Lion’s David Mainprize.  Both have worked on events like OCR World Championships (OCRWC) and North American OCR Championships (NORAM).  With four unique events, here is a quick guide to which event may be right for you:


2021’s List of Events

May 1st: Dallas: Complector (Grip): 4 miles, 40 obstacles

June 5th: Kansas City: Imperium (Strength): 3 miles, 30 obstacles

August 7th: Oklahoma City: Perpetuum (Endurance): 5 miles, 30 obstacles

October 9th: Little Rock: Standard (a twist on a classic OCR): 4 miles, “infinity” obstacles (the race has 20 obstacles but for every 100 sign ups, they add another serious obstacle to the list)


The Ninja and Obstacle Focused:  If you are an obstacle specialist, looking to improve your obstacle skill or want to expose some weaknesses so you go into OCRWC prepared, you’ll want to head to Little Rock for Standard and Dallas for Complector.  Both will have an emphasis on grip strength.  That doesn’t mean that the other events are a watered down version of OCR, it just means their emphasis is on a different aspect of OCR fitness.


The Endurance Athlete:  If you are more of an endurance guy or girl I would head to OKC for Perpetuum and Little Rock for Standard.  Both will test your endurance but in a different way.   OKC will have a little more of a run emphasis and Little Rock will test your upper body endurance.  Both will be great prep work for either OCRWC or if you are looking to excel at one of the endurance events put on by other companies.


The Open Waver Looking for a Good Time: Competitive athletes only make up a small percentage of the field.  The majority of people are there just for fun, to get some exercise and maybe lose a few pounds (or gain a few after putting away a couple of beers).  If you are looking for a good time call BOTL.  The series is a tour, which means it won’t just be a race and then go home, there will be other events planned around the weekend giving you, your family and friends an opportunity to do more than race and go home.  If you are the type of person that wants to race…and then race more…check out Kansas City’s Double Down, two events in two days (one at BOTL and one at KC Timber Challenge).


The Lifter/Crossfitter/HYROX/Deka Athlete:  Tired of getting outrun by all the runners?  The Imperium (strength) event in Kansas City will be for you.  It is not a CrossFit or HYROX competition but it will favor those who have done more well-rounded training with a strength emphasis.  Grab your lightweight friends and challenge them to a friendly competition at Imperium to help level the playing field.


The OCRWC Prepper:  If your big goal for the year is OCRWC (which is should be), you’ll want to come to BOTL.  BOTL has course/obstacle designers that have/will work on OCRWC in the future.  This means the race will have some of the similar obstacles and a similar feel due to influence from Sidney and David.  It will be good practice for the big race in September at Stratton Mountain.  Plus, if you are preparing for a specific part of the OCRWC team event, you can tailor your training by doing the BOTL event that closely matches your leg.  For example if doing the Strength at OCRWC Team Relay head to Kansas City for Imprerium.  If doing Technique at OCRWC Team Relay had to Dallas and Little Rock for BOTL.  If you are doing Speed at OCRWC OKC and Little Rock may be your best bets.  If you aren’t sure what you are doing…go to all of them to learn more about yourself and get a well-rounded training base.


In 2020 and 2021, the OCR news and excitement has been a lot slower than normal.  Fewer brands, less races and a couple of closures.  However, BOTL is operating in a part of the country that held races consistently through 2020, which means starting in May it is game on!  Come battle with the lions and enjoy one of the best OCR experiences you can have in 2021!

Want to know more about Battle of the Lions?  Watch this exclusive interview below.

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