OOFOS, the leader in recovery footwear, released their newest model of shoes at the end of 2020.  After reviewing both the sandals and the shoes, I decided to pick up their newest model, the eeZee, to see how it stacks up.


The eeZee still has the patented OOfoam technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional running foam.  This makes it great for recovery but not good for running since it doesn’t provide a positive return but great for post-event recovery.  I’ve even had friend use the shoes after injuring their foot and stating “these are literally the only shoes I can wear without pain.”

What’s New? 

The big difference between the normal OOFOS shoes (OOmg Low Shoe) and the eeZee is the top has a four way stretch woven fabric canvas across the top but not the rubber strap across the top.  I’ve never had any issues with the rubber strap across the top so the change didn’t seem 100% necessary prior to wearing the eeZee.

Should I go with the eeZee over the OOmg Low Shoe? 

You can honestly go either way.  I expected the eeZee to be softer than the OOmg.  However, because of the lack of rubber strap, the eeZee fabric is actually stiffer to provide the missing support from the lack of rubber strap.

It is honestly a toss-up for which one you will like better.  I prefer the look of the eeZee over the OOmg Low Shoe.  However, I like the softer upper of the OOmg Low Shoe.  Even if my feet were covered in chaffing/blisters from a long ruck or run, I think both would be comfortable without any issues.

The stiffer upper of the eeZee provides as much support as the soft upper with rubber strap of the OOmg Low Shoe.  Neither one feels less secure to me after testing them out for the last couple of weeks.


After a race I always slip into either OOFOS sandals or shoes.  The challenge is that Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) venues are usually muddy.  The eeZee along with any other OOFOS model is it is make of closed cell foam, which means you can literally just throw them in the washer and clean them without breaking down the structure of the shoe.

Wearing OOFOS for travel is a must, especially when trying to wrangle these two.


The shoes come in at close to $130 a pair, which is 100% worth it.  Everyone I’ve talked to after purchasing a pair has expressed the same regret….“why didn’t I buy these years ago?”

Overall, OOFOS produces another great product.  They are so confident that they off a risk free 30 day trial period where you can send them back at no cost if you aren’t 100% satisfied.  OOFOS is a great product from a brand that supports our sport that is great for non-athletes as well.  If you are looking for a great gift for a family member that doesn’t race but wants more comfort, they’ll love the comfort of OFOOS.  Whether they like shoes, sandals, clogs or even boots, they have options as well as styles and colors for both men and women.  I will continue to be a loyal OOFOS customer as long as I’m running races, working at a job where I’m standing on my feet or just looking for more comfort.  Plus, they make great gifts for family that they’ll love and it allows me to support a brand that supports our sport.

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