Finally, someone else has discovered one of my not-so-secret training locations.  Someone who’s into OCR that is.  The Marine Corps poolies work out at Laurel Acres Park.  So, it has to be tough right?  It has a big, man-made sledding hill.  That’s a real plus in otherwise flat South Jersey.  It’s where I get some of my hill training done between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Or when I discover a local Spartan SGX Coach is doing a training class there.  Enter Scott Kunkel of Fit by Scott.

Scott giving instruction

Scott hung out his shingle on Facebook announcing a few upcoming SGX workouts at my local hill.  Since he’s new to the area, he was looking to recruit clients and test the waters of OCR in South Jersey.

Watch Facebook for Fit by Scott WOD announcements

Like so many of us, Scott was a fit guy back in 2016 when he started OCR.  He was a runner, a lifter, a man ready to take on the Vernon Beast.  Not so.  The Beast won and as a result, Scott was hooked on OCR.  Since then, he’s gotten into truly great shape while earning multiple NASM certifications as well as his SGX.

He brought that experience and all his workout toys to the Park last night.  He also brought a pretty good-sized crowd.  There were beginners there, training for their first race coming up next month at Citizen’s Bank Park.  Veterans like me and the Davis sisters were there, training for big races this weekend at Vernon and Nashville.

Reloading the toys after a successful evening

Scott set up a pyramid of hill up-and-overs linked with weighted exercises in between the runs.  We ran.  The sweat ran.  At the top of the hill, curious onlookers alternated between glancing at us and watching the sunset.  It’s the sunset that got to me.

Fit by Scott WOD

1x2x3x4x3 up and overs pace with HR

My hill pace for the up and overs

I was late to the event.  Originally scheduled for 6 pm, Scott moved it to a 5:30 start to get more daylight.  I missed the memo.  So, others were already well into the WOD when I showed up.  We hung out and talked for a bit while I got as ready as I could to hurry and catch up.  Athletes were running up and over the 10-15 meter hill, climbing the stairs for heavy carries, rowing on the Concept 2, slamming heavy balls, climbing the skinny Spartan rope, and all the while chatting up and encouraging one another.  It had the good OCR community vibe that I love.

Kathleen's form is spot on for the 24″ Box Jump

Scott recently moved over to South Jersey from the northeast PA area.  The hills are much bigger over there.  So, I pointed out where to find the elevation, such as it is, in our part of the world.  He’s looking to help his clients with fitness, nutrition, and corrective exercise.  Whether on hills or virtually, Scott provides coaching to fit the needs of his clients.  Tonight, we all needed to sweat and work hard.  Scott delivered all of that.

Stair work for the upcoming Stadion race

I talked to some of his regular clients, and they all gave very positive reviews.  They’re excited to be part of a team that will finally get to compete this season.  Patti and Kathleen Davis also gave Scott two thumbs up.  Welcome to South Jersey Scott.  Mud Run Guide wishes you all the best.

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