Playout The Game is a fun athletic card game that is showing up all over the fitness world.  I’ve already played/exercised with Playout The Game and Playout The OCR game.  So when I picked up Playout 2, I was expecting more of the same.  Here is what I thought of Playout 2 and how it differs:

What is it?

If you are unfamiliar with Playout, it is essentially a deck of cards with exercises broken into easy/medium/hard levels that vary the number of repetitions.  The bodyweight exercises give you specific guidance and goals, require no additional equipment, and “make fitness fun”.  Playout 2 has six types of cards labeled by name and color-coded:

  • 10x Stretching: Get yourself ready for training
  • 10x Upper Body Focused:  Chest, tricep, and bicep focused work to get you beach-ready
  • 10x Lower Body Focused: More variations and options of leg focused work from the original
  • 10x Core:  Target those abs in a variety of movements
  • 10x Cardio:  Movements designed to elevate the heart rate done with higher rep ranges
  • 8x Partner:  Exercises that require two people


Playout takes their proven formula for success and expands upon it.  Just like Playout, the exercises are divided up in the same fashion with the same color-coding.  This makes combing it with the original, too easy.  Actually, it made writing this review challenging because I kept confusing the decks.  However, the original has a Playout Logo on the back so if you want to separate them again, it is easy, it just takes a couple of minutes.

What’s New?

The big additions are the inclusion of cardio cards and partner cards.  For us as OCR athletes, cardio is vital to performance on the racecourse as well as great for a complete overall fitness program.  By far my favorite part of Playout 2 was the partner workouts.  My daughter and I had a blast doing the partner workouts.  She’s six so of them, I had to scale but seeing her try made it a ton of fun.

The makers of Playout continue to make things easy for you by adding more game options like Playout Pro and Playout All-Star (a speed/exercise game).  One of the best aspects is the scalability of the game with easy/medium/hard options.  So even if you have people of multiple fitness levels you can still challenge everyone by having the people who are more fit compete on the hard level while the less fit participants do the easy level.


Playout 2 takes their winning formula and makes it better.  If you enjoyed Playout’s original deck or the OCR deck, you’ll love this updated version.  With cards the blend seamlessly with original and more bodyweight exercises that can be done with no additional equipment, it is one of the best values you can get for the price.  Pickup your Playout decks directly from their website here, Playout.


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