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2015 Spartan Race Men’s World Championship

1st place: Robert Killian 2:25:56 – $15,000 + Custom-made Spartan Rig, $12,000 value

Who Is This Guy?

Many folks around the world of OCR found Saturday's results at Spartan Race World Championship 2015 in Lake Tahoe a little bit shocking; Ryan Atkins, Jon Albon, or Cody Moat weren't atop the podium after the SRWC Beast – it was some “new guy” by the name Robert Killian. When I heard “some guy by the name Killian” was coming to SRWC, I wrongly thought it was Killain Journet; the best mountain runner in the world, until Brakken Kraker called me a knucklehead and told me to do a little homework. Well, luckily for me, Brad Kloha at the OCR World Championships had already done the work of putting together a dossier of  a handful of Robert Killian's accomplishments, and as you can see for yourself below – they are way more than a little impressive.

Editor's note: When we were putting together our predictions from athletes on the top 5 at Spartan Race World Championships, Killian was absent on some lists, while others immediately staked him for the top spot. The reason? Some athletes didn't know he was attending until after the SRWC Press Conference. On Saturday night, we got a text from Canadian Olympic Biathlete and OCR superstar Marco Bedard:

“Didn't realize [Robert] Killian was here! He would have been on my radar for sure [to be on the Spartan Race World Championships podium]”

– Marco Bedard

Ironman Triathlete, Olympic Biathlete, “The Ideal Athlete-Soldier”, Army Special Forces, 2010 Army Male Athlete of the Year

Apparently, Spartan Race World Champion is not the only accolade Robert Killian has acheived, and clearly will not be his last. Defined by his iron will, this Polk Soldier pushes body beyond normal limits to excel in any physical competition, winning the most grueling of fitness competitions, the military division of Ironman World Championships in Kona, USA Biathlon Olympic Team, Best Ranger Competition, to being named 2010 Army Male Athlete of the Year, Colorado Army National Guardsman CPT Robert Killian is truly an amazing individual and athlete.

…and he's humble to boot:

“So surreal winning the Spartan World Championships. Thanks for all the support along the way!”

– Robert Killian, via Facebook

Below is just a little taste of Robert's athletic accomplishments outside of OCR, and you can expect even more from him soon – Next Up: He'll face off against Ryan Atkins, Jonathan Albon, and the best athletes in the world at the OCR World Championships in Ohio less than 2 weeks away.


Robert Killian featured in GX Online – The National Guard Experience. – P. 82

Iron Will: Elite Triathlete and Member of All-Guard Marathon and Biathlon Team is the Ideal Soldier Athlete (Page 84)

Athlinks Results for Robert Killian, Longmont, CO

Barge admires Killian's strong will and appreciates his encouragement. Also, he said his experience in the Best Ranger competition will benefit him, especially in overcoming mental challenges.
“Even doing marathons where you hit the wall and you break through it, I have never been mentally tested like this in my entire life,” said Barge. “I can't imagine there ever being a point where I was in as tough a shape as I was the night of the road march, and still got through it; that mentally you can go so much farther than your mind and your body are telling you. It is going to pay huge dividends for my future in running.

Excerpt from: 5-25 Rangers represent division, Fort Polk at ‘Best Ranger' competition

Killian hasn't slowed down for a moment since last year's victory. Maintaining a physically challenging Army career, he recently passed the selection process for the US Army's Special Forces. His trip to Kona is a short break from the Maneuver Officer Captain's Career Course at Fort Benning, Georgia. After completing that training, he'll await a start date for Special Forces Officer training.

Excerpt from: Army National Guard Captain Robert Killian won the military division of the Ironman World Championships in 2010 and has high hopes for the future.

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