The 2016 OCR Season has arrived, and BattleFrog kicked off the year with it's long awaited debut on the West Coast. Not only was this BattleFrog's first event on the West Coast, but it was also the first time that Pro Athlete Ryan Atkins took on the role of course designer. For many Californians, this was the first BattleFrog experience and SoCal welcomed BattleFrog with open arms.


The Event was held at 212 Land an off road race track in San Diego, Ca. BattleFrog delivered a fun and challenging course suitable for all athletic abilities. Roughly an 8k-9k course boasted 30 obstacles including two rigs, tunnel crawls, several walls, monkey bars, the dreaded Jerry Can carry ( everyone's favorite ) and a revamp of Battle Frog's signature obstacle, “Tip of Spear .” The Tip of the Spear Obstacle slanted wall portion now has a hard plastic cover similar to that of a plastic cutting board making it, even more, fun and challenging to navigate. New Obstacles introduce included The Weaver made completely of metal and a ten ft slackline. Elite heats could only use one slack line while Open Waves and BFX ( BFX Extreme are multiple and unlimited laps ) were allowed to use two slacklines.


BattleFrog San Diego Community Reactions

The launch of BattleFrog on the West Coast was well received by Southern Californians, and the overall sentiment was that BattleFrog presented a fun, innovative, and challenging race experience. Some have even said it was tougher than a Spartan Race. But don't take our word for it. Here's what So Cal had to say about BattleFrog.


12642776_10100794488375797_1449486064068129305_n” It was challenging course and well laid out. Atkins did a great job with obstacle spacing and placement, he also used the venue and terrain very effectively. Needed better course markings in a couple places, but it was a great course!”

   Dave Huckle ( Leader of the Weeple Army )


   ” I loved it. Innovative, creative, fun obstacles. No safety issues that I could see. I can't wait to run it again next month. It's great to have something new that's challenging and different. Loved the 12′ walls the most.”

Mimi Schector ( Weeple Army / Team SISU member )


This was also the first time for many West Coast Obstacle Racers to experience Mandatory Obstacle Completion for Elite Heats. No opting for Penalties here. How did Elites feel about Mandatory Obstacle Completion in BattleFrog?

 ” The obstacles were tough but I found the Jerry cans probably the hardest thing. Everything else was a breeze. I really like that alot . You had to complete the obstacles or else you lose your wrist band. But the course itself was the hardest thing this weekend. This was my first BattleFrog.”

Victor David Quezada ( Elite Obstacle Racer/ Invigorade OCR Pro Team )


” I thought I was going to have a hard time on the rigs and monkey bars but , I got through them pretty fast both laps. On the legs I felt it was not hard but all together a killer on the upper body and hand grip. Definitely some creative obstacles. The walls are more challenging than the ones at the Spartan Races. The Tip of the Spear sucked balls on the second lap LOL that was the only obstacle during the Elite heat that I had to try 2 times. Overall a great race, love the Wristband concept, that makes a huge difference. “

Victor Carrillo a.k.a. Machete Beast (Founder at Machete Madness )


Introduction of QR Stickers

BattleFrog San DiegoBattleFrog also introduced QR Code Stickers. The idea is to access race photos easily and faster via the match on the QR Code. An innovative concept and a first to be used in the OCR Industry. The key was trying not to lose your sticker in the mud.



Another first in OCR is the partnership with iRewind. Here's how it works. “Smart Poles” are placed throughout the course. Special Technology and timing mats allow the smart poles to capture footage of individual participants. It is later assembled into a very cool video that you can share with friends, family, and social media. A great way that enhances the race experience. See iRewind in action as Ian Hosek and Glenn Racz battle for second place in the elite men's heat. 


BattleFrog delivered a fun and challenging course appealing to all levels of athletic abilities From Elite, Masters, Competitive, The open waves, and even the Sadists who took on the BFX Extreme with multiple laps. There was even a kids course. BattleFrog's West Coast Expansion makes for an exciting year in OCR and a great way to start the 2016 Season! If you haven't experienced BattleFrog, I highly recommend you do. See you on the course!


Rating: 5/5



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