Day 12 Recap:

Miles today: 40

Miles Run so far: 390.45

Miles to go: 2639.55

Adam was a new man today after three days of rest.  He started the day off strong walking from 4 am to 8:45 am and accomplishing 15 miles at a 15-minute mile pace. This was a huge improvement from his average twenty-minute mile pace four days ago. Adam has been setting small goals for himself to have tiny victories throughout the day. His overall goal for today was 40 miles with his pain at or below a five out of ten. He finished the day around 4 pm with his pain at a level five. Victory! The team noticed a huge difference in Adam’s mental game, too. Instead of relaxing during pit stops, he was intentional with his time and was determined to prepare for his next five miles strong with hydrating, fueling and stretching. He’s pushing forward to Phoenix, AZ feeling good!

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