Day 13:

Miles Today: 50

Miles Run So Far: 440.45

Miles to Go: 2,589.55

Today was a day of highs and lows for Adam. The day started off great with his shins feeling good for the first ten miles. Then, his left IT band flared up with a lot of pain and has been a distraction from his shin pain. He has been working with exercise bands at pit stops to strengthen his hips and glutes. Even through the frustration of constant pain, Adam had three cool surprises throughout the day that really lifted his spirits. This morning a man, Ken, just happened to walk by a pit stop and said, “Hey! Are you walking across the country? I just heard about you on the radio!” Then continued to share hydration techniques. Then, this afternoon high schoolers Chris and Ricco, joined Adam walking and asked Adam to sign their track shoes for good luck in this upcoming season. So cool! Then, Adam finished the day with his family cheering him on every few miles. The team is amazed by so many folks rallying behind Adam and the inspiration he is providing to so many! Two more highs of the day: Adam completed 50 more miles toward the east coast has consumed 56,000 calories in ten days of running! Bring on Day 14!

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