Day 14

Miles Today: 45

Miles Run So Far: 489

Miles to Go: 2533

Exciting moment for Adam! He started running again today! Today started a new routine of intervals of running and walking. His initial plan was to do this all along, but since he’s been in a lot of pain he hasn’t run since the afternoon of Day 5. So running is huge deal! Even though he’s running, he’s still in pain in his left shin, left IT band and left Achilles. Adam is waiting for the day he can enjoy running again and not be in pain. Right now, he can’t remember what that feels like. As a team, we can’t wait for that day to come, too! On another team front, videographer Paul successfully snapped the handlebars right off the fork of his bike and completed the trick with a crazy flip when climbing a pass in Arizona's Superstitious Mountains. He was okay, but was in shock. The day ended on a sweet note, Adam and Karen’s family surprised the team with an amazing meal of fresh salads, guacamole, smoothies, and creme puffs! Delish! Forty-five miles were dominated today making the overall total 489 miles. This means Adam will be hitting mile 500 tomorrow. The team has a surprise to celebrate the big accomplishment tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Day 15

Miles Today: 47

Miles Run So Far: 536

Miles to Go: 2486

Huge accomplishment today! By 9 am this morning, Adam had walked over 500 miles from Huntington Beach, California to Globe, Arizona. To celebrate, the team created this short video:

Huge accomplishment today! Adam Kimble crossed the 500 mile mark. Let's celebrate!Support the making of our documentary:

Posted by Charlie K Media on Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 16

Day 16Miles Today: 50

Miles Run So Far: 586

Miles to Go: 2436

Adam is gaining momentum. He traveled a total 50 miles today. He’s continuing to complete intervals of running and walking. His average mile pace has shortened to around 15 minutes and his days are changing. He’s completing more miles in a shorter period of time. Today he started at 4 am and finished at 6:45 pm with 50 miles completed. He also had a great surprise mid-afternoon. Ultra pal Ray Liberatore drove 13 hours from Dallas, Texas to join Adam on some miles this next week. A new friend jumping in has meant so much to Adam and adds excitement to his normalized routine of run, walk, eat, drink, sleep. We are hoping to cross into New Mexico tomorrow! This will be the third state out of 16!

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