Day 32, March 17

Miles today: 50

Miles Run so far: 1,261

Miles to go: 1,212

There’s a new vision to this mission and you could tell today. Adam was in high spirits as a man with a new plan and new goals. Team morale is high, too. We continually try to be creative at pit stops. Today, we turned to the game two truths and a lie to stump each other. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well being together 24/7. Adam dominated 50 miles for the third day in a row and has 1,212 to go! Starting to visualize the Atlantic Ocean from Texas! Onto Day 33!

An Update From Adam

An update from Adam regarding our progress to this point and our path going forward. Thanks to everyone for following his journey and supporting him every step of the way! Updated route info coming soon.

Posted by Adam Kimble on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 31, March 16

Miles today: 50

Miles Run so far: 1,211

Miles to go: 1,262

Adam has gone 1,211 miles as of today and he retired his first pair of shoes! It was a big moment! He also had a big day in sharing an update on his progress and his future plans as he crosses the country above.

Day 30

Day 30, March 15 

Miles today: 50

Miles Run so far: 1,161

Miles to go: 1,312

Today was a big day! Adam has been walking and running for full month now from Huntington Beach, California! Now, he’s in Texas! What a journey so far! He has been consistently doing about 40 miles a day. So today, he decided to push for 50 miles each day and hopefully increase from 50 as the days continue. This journey is a big experiment for Adam’s body and the team. Let’s see how this goes! Onto Day 31!

Adam Kimble's Run

Day 29, March 14

Miles today: 25

Miles Run so far: 1,136

Miles to go: 1,287

Adam walked nine miles eastward then headed back west across the border into New Mexico again. He had an MRI appointment at 8 am. The MRI took a look at his ankle, fibula and tibia. The team wanted reassurance Adam didn’t have any serious injuries since he’s been in pain for so long. In the afternoon, his doctor called and assured Adam the MRIs showed no injuries except for some inflammation above his left ankle. Adam and the team were totally relieved by this news! The short day of 25 miles was worth it for confirmation that Adam is a healthy man! Onto Day 30: One month on the road!