Miles Today: 47
Miles Run So Far: 633
Miles to Go: 2389

Today was the same routine: Wake up at 3 am. Start walking at 4 am. Run/Walk 5 miles. Pit Stop. Run/Walk 5 miles. Pit stop. Over and over until the finish line for the day. Today’s finish line was an exciting one! Adam hit the New Mexico border! Ultra pal ran with Adam the last 30 miles of the day and finished at the New Mexico border with Adam. To shake things up a bit at the pit stops, Adam’s wife Karen started playing Pass the Popcorn to give Adam fun trivia since he’s a big movie guy. We have also been Periscoping pit stops so folks can see what a normal day in the life of running across the USA is like for Adam. Check out Adam’s periscope account at @thebeardedsole. Excited for new miles in New Mexico tomorrow!

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