Yesterday, it was officially announced that Spartan Race and the popular online training network teamed up to create unique Spartan Race specific training on the digital training format. Kevin Donoghue, a coach, athlete, and member of the Spartan Race Pro-Team leads the workouts in the new program. Mud Run Guide talks with Kevin about the new program, who it is for, and why it is a good addition to any Spartan's training routine.

Daily Burn’s Spartan Training series aims to prepare you for a Spartan Race from the comfort of your own home, with event-focused training that doesn’t require you to convert your backyard into a gauntlet. 

Using minimal equipment like a pair of dumbbells, a box, and a resistance band, future Spartans will work on shoulder mobility and grip strength to tackle rigging obstacles, power through bodyweight strength moves (crab walks, bear crawls, Spiderman push-ups) to prepare for the rope climb and carrying obstacles, and crush variations on high-intensity cardio workouts. 

Kevin Donoghue Talks Daily Burn and Spartan Training

To learn more about the new partnership and the announcement from yesterday, check out the full press-release from and Spartan Race.


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