Thursday, March 16, 2017The International Obstacle Course Racing Union (IORCU) announced this morning that it has issued an emergency financial grant to Obstacle Course Racing Association United Kingdom with the express purpose that it be used to pay the athletes who are due cash prizes from the 2016 UK Obstacle Course Racing Championships. The grant is being funded by the Adventurey, LLC (organizers of the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships & US OCR Championships) and the OCRWC's production partners, 365 Sports, Inc.

“The IOCRU was created for the express purpose of serving the athletes of obstacle course racing and we are proud to be able and step in to help those impacted by OCRAUK’s fiscal trouble,” said Adrian Bijanada, one of IOCRU’s founding members. “While the future of OCRAUK is uncertain, we are thankful to have the opportunity to honor the commitments made to these athletes.”

Affected athletes should expect to receive their prize winnings within the next two to three weeks. Questions can be submitted to the OCRAUK site:

Beyond the Press Release

I reached out to Adrian to get a few deeper answers on what was behind this move, what the future of the IORCU is, and whether or not Adventurey was making an “investment” into OCRAUK.

Brett: What compelled you to create this grant for OCRAUK?

Adrian: When Jesse [Fulton of 365 Sports] and I learned about the situation, it just seemed like the right thing to do and we are fortunate enough to be able to help.


BS:  Do you mind if I ask the amount?

AB: Honestly, it's not about the amount, it's about quickly helping the athletes affected. Each of these athletes deserve to receive their prize money, and we were in the right place to be able to help.


BS: Did you buy into the OCRAUK?

AB: Absolutely not, this was an emergency financial grant to take care of the athletes, not an investment or buyout. There are no strings attached.


BS: The IORCU has been quiet since the 2016 OCRWC in Toronto, what's the scoop there?

AB: We are in a position now where we can devote more time and resources in helping it grow. For me personally, I want to build it into something special. The driving force behind all of this, whether it’s the OCRWC, our new US Championships, of the IOCRU is to build stuff that people can believe in.


BS: What's next for IORCU?

AB: We are currently looking for volunteers to help build out the organization. Those interested should send an email with their professional background (and ideas!) to


BS: The past week (BONEFROG/CTG, USOCRC Combo Tickets) has been pretty busy for Adventurey, can you keep up this intensity?

AB: We'll see, right now it seems like #OCRUNITED never sleeps!

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