Tough Mudder announced today the introduction of Tough Mudder Bootcamp. Tough Mudder Bootcamp which was teased a few months ago and again in Mud Run Guide's interview with Will Dean after Europe's Toughest Mudder is the newest offering for the brand. Over the years, it has become apparent that Tough Mudder is much more than just an event and the latest offering from the company builds on this.
Tough Mudder Bootcamp builds on six different class types based around functional fitness and teamwork a core tenant of the Tough Mudder brand. Tough Mudder Headquarters will host the first preview day of the new offering on July 19, 2017. It is assumed that beyond that date classes will be offered at select gyms that allign with the brand after that date. For more information see below.

About the Bootcamp

Tough Mudder Bootcamp consists of 6 class types built around functional fitness and teamwork. Custom technology keeps members engaged during the class, allowing coaches to focus on movement correction and energy. The classes not only drive results but being part of a team increases accountability and keep members coming back.

NYC Discovery Day

July 19, 2017
Join us at Tough Mudder Headquarters to learn more about the opportunity to own a Tough Mudder Bootcamp. Meet the team dedicated to your success, hear from top marketing leaders, and see a preview of the product firsthand.
15 MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY

The Classes

  • TMB offers Six signature classes built around the 4 fitness pillars of strength, power, agility and endurance.
  • Grit – A full body endurance class where your metabolic stress level stays high, your body adapts & transforms.
  • Upper Builder –  Develop the functionality and strength of your upper body in this full body workout. Build capability and capacity, in addition to muscle
  • Lower Builder – Develop the capability of your most powerful muscular system – your lower body.  In this class, build the power and strength to conquer all obstacles in your path.
  • Core Strength – Your core is your foundation for all athletic movement. 6 packs are earned, not given. Unless its a 6 pack of beer; in which case, don’t give it away.
  • Drive – Expect high speed, high-intensity movement that builds your athleticism and anaerobic capacity, while focusing on agility and variation.
  • Torque  –  This partner workout pairs high-intensity intervals with compound movements like thrusters and battle ropes to coax your body into its ultimate performance level.


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